Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All's right with the world- almost...

The cousins all flew south yesterday and we eased back into normal life whatever that is. Of course there are always the comforting constants like the sun reflecting up off the water onto the ceiling of the room with no name. Back room, dining room (once), playroom, sunroom I think is best for now. I have always loved sitting in this room for a few minutes early in the morning with a cuppa before they all wake each other up.Then the other 'normal' started again. This time it was B2 that made an afternoon hospital visit. He split his lip at rugby and much blood was spilt into the grass of the park before he jammed a disposable nappy on his face and ran back to watch the outcome of the game. Seriously isn't it time for cricket yet? Lairy godmother over the road suggests we should have a special post called 'broken child of the week'. He did get to drink lots of smoothies.
Here's that recipe: One banana ice block, yoghurt, tinned peaches and milk. Bizang it with the stick blender and Bob's your uncle.
He stayed home and pretended to take fisher price phone calls from Flossy's friend, Harry. She hid and spied. You pull a sickie in this house and you entertain the toddler all day or back to school!
B1 used his time constructively last night before informing me at bedtime that he had homework. It seems he had super brain powers which could hypnotise the Big Fella into foolish dancing but not remind himself to do his maths.
Others followed the trail of foolishness, and there was much shuffling of feet and wriggling of hips.
Only green rubber could insulate the Big Fella's brain from the magnetic mind control waves emanating from Flash Gordon's alfoil skull cap.

I read Baby-Mac's post on scones. They are those good cheating scones made with lemonade. My mother was a 'liberated woman' (as liberated as you can be with 9 children). She didn't make scones or crochet but it was really because she just assumed she didn't have the 'innate' ability that she believed was necessary. Anyhoo, even she extols the virtues of the cheating scone. My darling mother who famously put Gravox in the chocolate pudding instead of cocoa, makes cracking scones with this recipe. (The pudding also tasted great. We were like my skinny kids and would eat anything with lashings of cream.)
The lairy godmother over the road swears by these too but suggests a hotter 200 degrees for a shorter time like 10 -12 minutes. She makes a true sponge that would just float away without the jam and cream to hold it down so she would know. Anyway they liked them- a lot.
Like Dad's brain waves and the number of credible times we can continue to turn up to the Children's Hospital, they were going...


  1. You've made me smile ... again ! And this is all so familiar.
    I hope B2 is on the mend. I had so many trips to A&E* with my elder son that we were on first name terms with the hospital doctors! And then there was the week he broke a toe on Monday, and one of his sisters broke a toe on Friday !! Stuff happens to active kids, it's all part of the learning curve ;D

    *(UK speak, Accident and Emergency, I'm not sure if it translates in Antipodean English)

  2. Fancy a child of yours injuring himself while I'm not visiting. Love that milkshake recipe, and scones, and M's pantaloons. Wondering if the Big Fella's suspecting anything with all these photos going on...

  3. Lovely scones but Broken Child of the Week is a scary thought!

  4. Annie: It translates okay in parentspeak. Active kids kind of get used to it and sport their injuries like Scout badges. Dib, dib, dib.

    Anna: The pantaloons are actually a layering effect she's adopted. Nappy, then undies, then leggings then bloomers. Who am I to argue with my style vandalism.

    Deb: Broken Child of the Week would be a relief as it implies only one injury per week!

  5. Wow, your boys are very boysy aren't they? Mine is extremely cautious, it's the two year old that is fearless. Miss liongirl is also a fan of the bloomers with tights underneath combo, she went to a party on the weekend with her size 3 -12 months bonds tights under her fairy dress as she has issues letting go of her baby clothes. The mother that found the tights stripped off on the bathroom floor was extremely concerned about excessively tight clothing and may have reported me to child services.melx

  6. BG: I had one very cautious one twinned to a very adventurous one. They have always been great equalisers for each other. The boys thing really ramped up around year 3 and 5. It's just what they do now. They still cuddle up in front of the telly and tell me they love me at drop off or on the phone at a friend's. Not sure how long that will last.

  7. Hello,

    I like that first photo. How are the veges going with the rain?

    I don't know how to cook scones. Easy?

  8. MMMC: Tomatoes are great but we eat them before we get back to the house. Lots of new seeds have been planted with the rain and you could easily make those scones.


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