Friday, September 30, 2011

It's a Wrap!

Do you ever find photos on your camera that you know you didn't put there?
Here is a lovely flower, puff Miffy-type bunny. I blame Junior Masterchef for this need to 'plate up' and photograph foliage food on a frequent basis.

Some photos are absolute corkers...and I know who you are by the shirt...
or those distinguishing toes. The colour of the old step and shapes in the mat are actually quite lovely in this and, yes, we know they need replacing.
Often, it is simply a recording of something they know has a short shelf life. Reminds me I must do a post on orange as next colour of the day.
Play dough art is a frequent photo flier as it dries up if not reschlumped by the mother into its jar.
Scary self portraits in a series often appear. There were about ten of these in various stages of I've-just-seen-a-zombie terror.
Less ravishing ones appear like the mother's knee cleaning up bored games...
...or shots of pages read in the dentist's waiting room.
That one did give me a little surprise!


  1. Brilliant!! My unexpected photos are usually simply because I pressed a button when I didn't mean to. These are much more entertaining :D

  2. Have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts these hols, especially yesterdays post about big gangs of happy kids. We get a similar thing when all the neighbours lob over and I just love it. These photos are a cracker. My 2 yo loves stealing the camera, lots of shots of her washing line, grass, dirt, ants and her own tutu. melx

  3. Annie: They are entertaining when there's one or two but she photographed every page of that dentist's book!

    Mel: That sounds like a fine idea for the two year old here too. It is the odd view point and strange choices of subject that most appeal to me.

  4. That's great! I almost wish I had a little one to steal my camera.
    Lovely knees by the way.


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