Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hello Yellow!

It must be Spring! Everything has burst into bloom outside- grevilleas, rock iris, daisies.It was the first swim of summer. A friend dropped in Sunday morning with her four and they all got in. (Except for the broken one.)
The Divine Miss M had one of her personal assistants carry her in and squealed with sheer delight.
Have you ever drunk hot tea out of a bendy straw? Lala made me this lot at about 5pm when I was getting tired and grumpy after two days with the Big fella away in his canoe. Girls just get it, don't they?With raised spirits we gave Shorty a yellow bath (the good kind) to celebrate Spring and that she has discovered that yellow is different to other colours.
What a wonderful first colour!
The ladies are still put out about the new members of the Ladies' Lounge but have bumped up egg production. It could be to outdo each other and curry favour.
More fabulous morning Yellow to wake up to on a Spring morning. I love these thrifted Pyrex and Bessamer bowls and the whisk is my favourite (also from Ron and Brian's) and the loveliest thing to use.
Yellow Spring!


  1. You're right about some yellow baths not being good baths. They start out as good baths, and turn ugly very quickly.

    Colour-coding the bath toys is a good idea. I might follow suit.

    Beautiful eggs from the feathered girls. Yum.

  2. MMMC: Colour coding was a dud. Today she insists those toys are blue!

  3. Oh the pure sunshine in those eggs. Missing my chooks dreadfully, we are considering getting some more after the hols. Is the artwork at the top one of your boys' work? I really like it, could completely picture it on a cushion, or a bag, or in my kitchen for that matter. By the way, enjoying all your comments lately. That tea party you had for your daughter with the take home teacups sounds fantastic. melx

  4. I think I need a bath and a tea with a straw. Great start to holidays my dear! And could you send your ladies around to put a bomb under ours? Not enough Princess Layer-ing going on here...

  5. BG: That was made by the 12 year old when he was about 8. It hangs above the loo like a canvas potpourri. The tea cup party is very easy and fun and I would highly recommend it.

    Anna: Where have you been? In a window probably. Send in a couple of new girls with attitude and it seems to get the eggs a-poppin'! Train those snaggy boys to make your tea.

  6. So the Buddhists are in residence?
    I had a feeling they were on the march from next door.
    We had black orpington chooks when I was a child. They tried to lay 2 eggs a day.
    I think the Buddhists may be of that provenance.
    Certainly those eggs look wonderfully yummy.
    Nothing like a fresh egg.

  7. Love the yellow! Girls DO get it, don't they!

  8. DMC: 2 eggs a day would be dandy as the boys would eat three each for brekky if I let them! Tensions are slowly easing in the coop.

  9. Deb: Mind you she had a hissy fit about the possibility of wearing a skirt out today. The very cheek of me for suggesting such a thing!

  10. Yellow!
    I like eggs. I like yellow. I like girls who make Mum tea. I would like somebody to make me a wine. I may have to settle for a tea. Perhaps through a straw.
    I want a pool too!


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