Friday, September 23, 2011

A Quiet Day In

Tired of sticking her stubby index finger through a doily hole for the amusement of her simple mother...
...the divine Miss M. observes avian activity below in the garden. On being dragged down into the sunshine, simple mother is overcome with an urge to remove almost all last year's herbs and feed them to the ladies in red. (Their foolish companions are over the fence again so they miss out.)

Here it lies in its glory, chockers with chook poo and straw and big fat worms. The Magpie of Good Gardening concentrates on making the soil fully fecund. (I love that word, 'fecund', particularly when uttered by Stephen Fry in Cold Comfort Farm.)

Lala is delighted to fill her tee shirt hem with cherry tomatoes and to use a thing called a 'hose' to do a thing called 'watering'. These are children of the drought remember.

Watch where you point that thing, you minx!

We will keep you posted with what manages to grow amidst the chickens, the bush turkeys and the possums.

Today Shorty also took delight in emptying a bag of clothes destined for Ron and Brian's boutique de bric a brac. There goes the op shop karma for the week. They are worn despite being four sizes too big. Little sisters want to look like big sisters it seems, even down to scraping those few scant hairs into pigtails. That spot at the back of the neck is inexorably linked to me having all these babies. It is one of my favourite nuzzling bits.

Always travel with one's hygiene and sporting needs addressed....

...despite the fact you will be asleep before we get out of the driveway!


  1. She's a busy little bee. I love how you have a ton of names for her.

    What is all that cage business out in the yard? Security?

  2. Deb: That is indeed security to keep all the afore mentioned critters out of my veges. The possums will eat a chilli bush to the stalk. They are the piranha of suburban permaculture!

  3. What? Cherry tomatoes already? I'm looking forward to getting back into the fruit and veg growing once the garden's finished. I'll be reading closely for any tips you have regarding possums (and growng vegies). They decimated our tomatoes and chillies last time.

  4. Look forward to seeing the progress of your vege garden. Beautiful girls.

  5. I'd love a vege garden. You're so lucky! Make the most of it, and keep us up-dated on its growth.

    Piggy-tails are so cute!

    Toothbrushes at hand are a good idea, as are balls for throwing at people.

  6. CC: I know! Ridiculous isn't it and the wisteria is all green and lush AND flowering- in September. This does not bode well for a comfortable summer.

    Fiona: So do I if I can keep all the competition at bay. We've ruled out a few things and are going for the basics.

    MMMC: She has developed a remarkable throwing arm!

  7. I like the idea of travelling with a toothbrush and a ball.
    Meet all one's needs really.
    Don't they look too cute asleep?
    Impressed by the pigtails.
    But, they age her!! Sigh.

  8. DMC: I have been known to lose parts of my day/night a la the Twilight Zone by sitting watching the bairns sleep. It's almost as addictive as the nape of their necks.

  9. You have very cute children, love the pigtails. Good luck with the veggie patch.x

  10. something gorgeous: We spent time on it today. It is undergoing husband intervention and a bit of an extension!

  11. That's hilarious. Soph sported her first ponytail yesterday too... ah, they're so big! Now, off with you, my fecund friend...

  12. Anna: You're pretty fecund yourself, Mrs Bartlett!


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