Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken Wars

I don't like you and I shan't be your friend.

Back at you! Let's go! Right here, right now girlfriend!!!

Run, Venus! Run like a chook with your head cut off! They are uncouth and boisterous strumpets and Mother should never have left us here!

Dear God, it's the Circle of Life! I have heard of such things and it does not bode well.

I'll just wait and watch, biding my time, fancy pants usurpers!

They cannot be serious, Serena! What kind of chicken lays an egg that size?!

I simply won't. I just won't! Get off it, Serena. You don't know where it's been!

May I please just have some food and get back in my coop. I can't stand it I tell you.

We are NOT amused.

Just stay very, very quiet. Perhaps they'll fly north.

OMG! Did you see what they are wearing? Who would overdress like that before 3pm. ?

Where are they, Venus? I feel their eyes all over me and it makes me feel all...clucky!

Stick with me, Serena. I think I can make the neighbour's fence.

Let's get 'em, girls!

(Meanwhile)....Hmmm. Nobody seems to be looking over here.


(Meanwhile again)....what is this, love? A school project?

Christian's mother said he had to give some of his silkworms away.

He only had fifteen. They multiplied. Now he has hundreds. Can we keep them, pleeeease?

(Looks like good chicken lollies to me.)
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  1. Hello :D Another Annie here. Just found you ... and loving your blog already :)

  2. Annie loves Annie! I love Annie loving Annie!!

    How funny was this post?!

    Funny! I'm laughing out loud!!

    Chicken lollies indeed!!

    Still laughing ...

  3. I'm Anna loving Annie loving Annie. (and Carmel in the middle there).

    Good to read you were on the crazy today.

  4. Ditto above, I just can't figure out what's next. I'm laughing out loud too. I lost it at the circle of life.

  5. Ladies: I can't figure out what's next on a daily basis. I also lost it at the circle of life a long time ago, Deb and, yes, Anna, I think I WAS on the crazy today. Welcome to you, Annie of the tasteful name. MMMC, Lala wasn't laughing at all as she read the lolly remark over my shoulder.

  6. Uncouth, the circle of life, chicken lollies??? What a way to start the day: hilarious!!! :-)

  7. CR: The circle of life can be a bit uncouth don't you think.

  8. We have here a very instructive day, laid out,one might say, in deep meaningful metaphors.
    Obviously a Buddhist intrusion seeking answers to the existence of an egg that boggles all belief to date.
    A circle of life - yes , familiar.
    But the red incumbents support the concept of the tree of life - in this case, surely, a mulberry tree.
    Tears came to my eyes as I gazed with sweet nostalgia at your silk worms.
    I offer thanks for the continuance of yet another facet of my childhood you allow me to revisit.

  9. Sonia loves Annie. This was so funny. Your chickens are hilarious!

  10. I think what those feathered heathers need is a bonding experience...I could send over my very handsome black poodle to facilitate the process. Don't worry he's essentially a coward so there will be no loss of life. This kind of reminds me of year 5 girl politics without the racist overtones! Ms V

  11. DMC: Yes. Existentialism in a domestic setting is my daily mantra and your tear ducts must be the same ones that Carmel inherited.

    Sonia: I was going to name the post Bitchy and Scratchy but wasn't sure how sensitive you all were.

    Anonymous: I think they'd be mean girls regardless of colour- it is just a chick thing.

  12. Anna: I just sorted out the comment thing where I had unwittingly made it hard to comment. I think it's fixed now. Let me know. Still on the L plates, you know.

  13. Chortle, that was a good read, Annie. Especially as we are soon to launch into chicken keeping (once the world's most complex hen house is completed).

    Did you know that silk worms really, really smell? Keep them outside, I urge you! x

  14. Maxabella: Thanking you for the tip. It is not my plan for them to be here that long. Can I say they turned into butterflies and flew away (down the gullet of a chicken).


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