Monday, September 5, 2011

A cooking post! Really!

2.10pm Evidence of misdirected cooking impulse discovered

2.15pm Let us use this force for good not evil. (Note untended washing creeping from the laundry and infiltrating kitchen.)

2.17pm Hurry! The carb vortex is coming! More calories for the skinny brothers. Stat!

2.20pm Fold over just so whilst balancing camera on nose. How does Anna do this? Note to self. Don't be a hand model.

2.25pm Voila! Carb packing calzone croissant moon things.

2.45pm (The clock is slow, thus the urgency!) Quick! They will be bursting through the door any minute in a maelstrom of hats, bags and empty lunch boxes. Get those moons between them and us!

2.50pm Lala and Dipsy seem to approve.

3pm Phew! Made it in time for a leisurely taste test! It's edible- even tasty! Eureka!

This post is dedicated to the many fabulous afternoon tea inspirations that Mrs Bartlett of the 'Woomba Bartletts has posted on her wonderful Shiny Happy Art site.

No taste buds were damaged in the making of this skinny leg filler.


  1. Oh my. Do you do all that for your children in the afternoon?

    I just push mine into the pantry and shut the door on them.

    You're a good mother. I think the laundry likes you.

  2. I'm honoured. Especially considering I have taken a self-imposed baking ban (for my own waistline reasons) and totally meant to use the left over breakfast pancake mix for afternoon tea yesterday, then totally forgot. Will be trying your calzone approach for dinner on Thursday now though! Hogies next week I hope!

  3. Carmel: It was an unplanned, self preservation action otherwise they graze in and out of the kitchen like lost souls till tea time. A swarm of locusts would do less damage to our pantry.

    Anna: I salute you!

  4. This is Mother Of The Year material here. I'm very impressed. I need to up the afternoon tea ante.
    You're such a natural at this blogging caper.

  5. Wow! Mother of the year award for you. I hope those boys got at least one skinny leg filled up.

  6. How long would it take for a moony to reach the thigh of skinny jeans?
    The same time as it would take small stuff to drop the filling on the floor.
    I notice she had first go at the treats.
    Much to be said for being the youngest.

  7. DMC: Thank you ! We have a new name for the things. Moonies it is!


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