Tuesday, September 20, 2011

mellow yellow

Yellow has never been a colour I threw around a lot. A few daubs of it here and there are pleasant but I wouldn't have thought there was much yellow in this house. When Flossy started to use her new word, 'Yellow!' with such vehemence and even less accuracy, it seemed time to have a yellow hunt for a few little pops of it that might be malingering in a corner.

Fisher Price always provides a lovely yellow in a permanent plastic hue that never fades regardless of the varying ages of the school buses. Yes, they are all lined up and ready for an excursion.

"TADA! I am Mr Happy Yellow shirted Charlie Brown in my iconic lemony loveliness as always."

Here is a small yellow painting executed on a large pregnant lap on the couch one night. (I must have had a craving for yellow.)

This drawing seemed to be turquoise and red but, what is that I spy, a yellowy bit right there!

Here is the sunny vase from last year's trash and treasure. I need to grow white marguerite daisies to replace Voldermort's wand.
Yellow chicks in front of a yellow basket which, ironically, contains 'ello' building cubes.

The yellow sandy painting I made long ago for my pirate obsessed 6 year old boy. Below is his brother's bedside treasure chest and a resurrected Bob the builder hat for little sister.

Yellow birdies found in my favourite Sunshine Coast op shop. I have to sneak off there whilst others are fishing etc. My wonderful brother found the rest of their feathered family there later and reunited the whole flock.

These glasses were found at my best costume oppy when I was buying a cowboy outfit for myself. They didn't really match the theme that night but the whole family likes to have little raver moments in them from time to time.
A long time ago I met a boy who owned a yellow mini-moke and sang that old Donovan ditty,"I'm just mad about Saffron". I liked it. We married fourteen years ago today.


  1. A very, very happy anniversary to your good self and to the big fella.
    I do hope he comes ashore for a canoodle for two tonight.
    Your quaint yellow jug stays in the memory.

  2. Happy Anniversary Mellow Yellow! I do love that yellow jug.

  3. Hey there Annie, thank you for your lovely comments! :-) Let me know if you want me to help out with your blog-looks etc. I only started in December and the learning curve was steep to say the least!
    Oh and by the way, I am Dutch but I live near Seattle in the northwestern part of the States...

  4. Cow Road: That would be a very long drive!

    DMC and Deb: The yellow jug will soon have daisies as I got a couple of pots of them for the anniversary.

  5. Fourteen years! Congratulations. If only you still had the yellow mini-moke. Those things look dangerous.

    There's a great deal of yellow about your place!

  6. There was no yellow here till we held a yellow hunt then suddenly we were sunny side up. The moke might be a tad crowded with the wee-uns! I do recall a rather windy trip to Schoolies one year. It was all a bit dangerous and I would never let any daughter of mine behave in such a way!

  7. Happy anniversary and congratulations!!

  8. Happy anniversary from me too, and being the mother of one son who's favourite colour is yellow, I will definitely be noticing your predilection for the colour on my next visit!

  9. How romantic! Mini mokes always remind me of Magnetic Island. I have the most vibrant yellow paint coming your way.
    As Cold Play sings "and it was all yellow"...


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