Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a line-up!

This one likes to line things up.

All sorts of things

just get lined up.

She likes these like this- lined up.

Remember Fawlty Towers aka Farty Towwels?

I don't know where she gets it.

Could it be from Ron and Brian's op shop?

Could she have been affected by Aunt Julie's Samoan sojourn?

Perhaps Nanna's missing wedding gifts have made her uneasy.

Or maybe the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

By the way, here is some of the wallpaper Megan from Olive and Esther sent earlier this year. It was hard to cut into it. She sent it when I told her it had been our kitchen wallpaper growing up in the country. It was the backdrop to a very big, noisy wonderful family's growing up years. Now it is in my kitchen and my daughter's room and some got framed for Mum on Mother's Day to remind her of the heart of that happy house.
Now, this is not a line up. It is more of a 'vinaigrette', methinks!


  1. If I could ever master the 'vinaigrette' I think I'd be happy. I just can't get the mix right.

    Where does that little minx get her penchant for arrangements from? I just don't know.

    SHOW US YOUR LINE-UP! (That's what I've been tort to say in criminal court if I'm a defence barrista.)

  2. I love your salad dressing. The wallpaper and how you've used it,is gorgy porgy pudding and pie.

  3. She's a wonder. Maybe a future engineer perhaps? I like your salad dressing too.

  4. A dear friend made a tired, verbal slip once and 'vignette' became forever 'vinaigrette' in our lexicon. Only the high ones survive and even they can be challenged by the occasional football. ( Even nerf can give a vase a good shove.)

  5. I'm tossing up the clashing feelings I have with the Samoan mask v gorgeous wall paper to see if it fits me.
    Mmmmmm! Masks definitely would have to be sent to Coventry.
    Could small person have designs on the army life where people still get in line , I think?
    She could use some of her brothers' weapons.

  6. DMC: She may well be over standing in line by the time she grows up at the tail end of this lot.


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