Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mod Squad

Last Christmas Santa dropped off some fancy schmancy scooters. I thought shiny and new was a good thing but, no, this is not cool.

Begrudgingly, we have been taken on the modification journey, i.e. 'modding', replacing new matching bits with newer mismatching bits with a bit of spray paint and new deck tape thrown in. This is very cool. Both the beloved and I deny knowledge of the source of the spray paint but it may have been in an box of old art stuff in the Land That Time Forgot (under-the-house).

Yesterday B1 started to mod his bike which was out of favour for a while. One of the boys at the park on Sunday is being graded as a professional BMX person. This is very cool.

On the week-end, B1 invented a whole new scooter. He calls it the trampoline scooter. I know! He has used some rather expensive leather cricket pad things. He jumps on the trampoline on it.

Remember when 'getting air' meant going outside Cafe Neon for a cigarette. Not cool!
I followed him to see why it was so quiet down in Boysworld last night.

Why, Hello! Are those big boys modding you, darling? Maybe she's modding herself. She is very proficient with 'nip-nips' for a 2 year old. Somebody get Shorty, please. It is not cool to give the toddler scissors. Making a skate ramp for pixies is, however, quite cool.

This is the ball run for the ever useful Magnetix balls. So cool. It has been there a week but we can't remove it because they keep modding it.

More skate ramps this time for tiny skateboards.

It's better than buying a playstation and I got to watch Spicks and Specks in peace. Check out the mitten. That must be cool, too.

What is that stuff on the end of B1's bed, you politely enquire? I am reluctant to inform you that is is indeed the secret cache of the weapons of mess destruction. All those lovely nerf guns, modded out of recognition. Cool!

There is also a handy light sabre in there. That balloon is still around from the Big Fella's birthday two weeks ago. He will not be cool when he discovers where all his electrical tape has gone.

At least it gets them away from the cross bows and slingshots.

See the special nerf dart pocket- practical but still cool.

Be afraid bush turkeys. Be very afraid, for a reign of nerf be about to descend on you courtesy of the Mod Squad!


  1. I love it! Weapons of mess destruction! You are so fortunate that your kids have such great imaginations. So much better than play station any day in my books.

  2. My goodness! So much happening in there. It's a veritable Boys' World. I think if Child 2 & 3 were to come over, their eyes would pop out of their heads at the exciting things boys can do with duct tape and cereal boxes.

    You are so calm.

  3. Annie, Congrats.
    I find myself back in the 40's with my 3 older brothers doing stuff and making stuff during the school holidays under the house.
    Where have all those magical "under the house" places gone where there was real dirt to dig and real stones to make forts and start wars on the plasticine armies?
    Then, eldest brother would organise cricket test matches "under the house" with England (MCC) playing Australia.
    The 2 eldest were always Australia, while my brother 2 years older than me, and me, were denigrated to be the despised Poms.
    Eldest had all the team names for us of the real players as we were demolished amid much angst and arguments about the boundary lines demarcated to suit the "owner of the game" who also owned the bat.
    Thank you for reviving the memories with your ingenious trio.

  4. MMMC:Calm? Calm? Have you not detected a politely, restrained hysteria?

    Deb: They tell me they are the only children in Australia without a playstation and that we are not normal. If that's not normal then so be it! We had one for a week and it ended up unplugged in the big high cupboard.

    DMC: The boys spend most of the summer bowling, catching and batting down the back. Kids can still be kids. They are having a volleyball phase now with a piece of wool across the yard. The big fella, who is quite tall, regularly garrottes himself on the way to visit the chooks. .

  5. Love everything about this post. Fancy taking your brood up to 6? I have a 5 yo who would slot in quite nicely, he has lots of BIG ideas. See my post on making a turkey trap a while back. So far he does not know what a nintendo ds is but not sure how long we can keep that ignorance going! melx

  6. We've some turkeys that I would appreciate the Mod Squad helping out with.

  7. Talk about 6 degrees of separation...I may have shared the gutter with you outside Cafe Neon and my Mr Strange has just joined a band calling themselves the same....reliving 80's cover music in their 50's. Great cosmic connections.. Ms V


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