Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Day of the Kookaburra

See this adorable national icon- he of the cheeky grin and jolly demeanour...
Do not be fooled by his whacky larikin facade. He is just waiting to swoop down and plunder your snags in a whoosh of grey feathers and scratchy beak! Look! There he is up in the tree.

Run fast, small childerbeast, and flee the snatchy feet of Mr Laughin' Gear because he's going to GETCHA!

And your sausages...

...and your mother's fat pointer which apparently looks just like a sausage. I am serious! He swooped and grabbed my pointer finger then, realising it was indigestible, swooped away. Really! This is how people end up with stubby index fingers.

This pretty pink boy would never be so rude.

Put that pointer down, Ms V. He'll have it in a snip! He also went for the Dad's pointer and snatched the baby's sausage out of her fat grubby mitt as she was having a nappy change. Is there no dignity to be had? She can't say "kookaburra" so, in a most indignant voice she christened him "Bad Bugger!" From the mouths of babes...

Meanwhile, we are informed on good authority that these are the bones of a rabid cow shot by a rabid farmer. That may explain the rabid kookaburra. They are now posing as dinosaur bones in our garden.

Mother in law of the year came over while we were out and took down all the laundry and folded it like a professional laundry service! This greeted me at the front door. She's a saint!

This bad bugger told me he looked like the 'Goonies' of movie fame due to his eclectic clothing and colour choices, bow and arrow and hot scooter spin-out on the driveway when he got home.
In a year he won't be caught dead like this. Breaks the heart.


  1. Send your MIL here please!
    Also we have kookaburras which are pecking holes in our next-door neighbour's termite eaten house. They're ruthless! xx

  2. Mr LC wants to know what you are teaching your little one.ha. I think that bird's a bad bugger too.

  3. Brismod: MIL returned this AM with a 6kg tub of laundry powder with softener. Apparently my sheets are like boards. I'm no domestica goddess.

    Deb: Tell him at the moment I'm teaching her survival skills.

  4. I can't keep up with your posts!

    Kookaburras can show no mercy. Cute, but bloodthirsty.

  5. MMMC: Cute like a chainsaw! I'm thinking of renaming it Artistica Prolifica but school holidays are here and there may be a pause in transmission.

  6. Not enough kookaburras round my way for that to happen, though one did land on a bbq of a holiday house we were at and we heard the little feet sizzle for a quarter of a second. If there were enough kookaburras, though, I'd cook sausages just so they could steal them and amuse me.

  7. Small Things: I have never seen kookaburras go all Hitchcockian like this. There were three of them just near the bbq and more around the field. They were SO bold. We've had them pinch stuff off the hotplate before but never out of our hands! We're going back tomorrow.

  8. Kookaburras are not meant to behave like this.
    Are you sure they're not filing up on fermenting ground cover and acting out of character?
    They presume, it seems , that you are living on their property.
    I love galahs too.
    They have a sense of humour.
    You could always breed a python or two for the kookas?
    Possibly not.


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