Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Eat the Daisies!

We were married in Spring... it was fitting to get this as 'breakfast in bed' yesterday. There were 14 pots of daisies and 'mums with a big cup of tea nestled in between.

Remember this little oppy find a few weeks back. I'm still on a boat theme as the fourteen years has been a bit of a journey.

A lovely framer down the road cleaned it and mounted it in a crusty old driftwoody frame just in time to be the big fella's anniversary present.

I made a quick rubbing off it first for the card as it is in very high relief.

Then we went back for more punishment from these bad boys although they worried us less yesterday than the huge goanna that kept circling the bbq area.

Of course these nim-nolls were there too but I am ambivalent toward them when eyeing off a goanna.

Oh, look what we have found mother! Please can we take them home. They must be the remains of a rabid horse!

Shades of Georgia O'Keefe. Methinks I can squeeze an art lesson out of these 'orrible things.

Mmm. More daisies to eat or just pick, perhaps, in that lovely late afternoon light.

Would you care to partake of my daisy hors d'oeuvre?
And still celebrating all things Spring and Daisy, I have sent you some video footage of myself entertaining my children and some of their friends with a ukelele in the back yard. I favour high pants and a high kick to boot. I dare you to watch this through and not be singing it for the rest of the day!


  1. What a gorgeous video. Annie High Pants you will be forever more.

    Happy anniversary to you both. xx

  2. High pants. My oh my. Happy Anniversary again!

    I'd draw the line at kids bringing home skeletal remains, but there's something to be said about a cow's head on the wall ... a bit Mid-Century bullish etc. But I'm tired, so I really don't know what I'm talking about.

    Hope you get some rain after you plant those 14 buckets of fleurs.

  3. Brismod: That's Anon Annie Happy High Pants. The 2 year old has watched that clip about twelve times today and has been singing it in the car in case I forgot. You've gotta love the Doris!

    MMMC: Skeletal remains all go straight down the side of the house to the 'grassy knoll' beside the 'Jewel rock" digging area. My 5 year old nephew likes to find the dinosaur bones.

  4. I love the Doris! I didn't think you were old enough for her. Happy Anniversary again and have fun planting your daisies. My kids used to find cow skulls and thought they were the best thing ever.

  5. Deb: Everybody is the right age for Doris. We used to watch all those old movies on TV on rainy Sunday afternoons.

  6. Thank you Annie for brightening my day with your sunny view of life and Doris.
    Not sure if I will implement playing a ukelele, high kicking and singing with my year 3's and the high pants would surely be too hot here.

    However I will certainly continue to add to the boy's collection of bones for the little tackers to draw using my new favourite media; coconut charcoal. I could not access any charcoal on island so found this at the markets and it works a treat, plus it costs about $5 AUS for a shopping bag full. The class had fun drawing local pumpkins aka William Delafield Cook and creating Dali-esque mustachios and quiffs on their faces.

    Loving the blog, you are too talented for words, pleased to see you sharing it with the cyber world. Let's see a real world exhibition?

    Is this too much to write in the comments?

  7. Daisies sing of Spring don't they?
    Time remembered video - very squeaky clean though.
    Small stuff hit the right note.
    Spotted a couple of Sinatra clips while I was there so found myself a feast.
    Big Fella into romance without a doubt.
    A rare bird indeed.

  8. Julie: So lovely and weird to have you on here. No comment is too long on this ramble jam. Coconut charcoal sounds interesting. Can you get it through custom? x

  9. Romance! You're an incredible pair of gifters.

  10. Sonia: You don't mean Grifters do you?

  11. I love a bit of Doris. We used to watch the old movies with Bill Collins. Never seen her with a ukulele, though. Hey, we've got a ukulele (watch out, kids)...


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