Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Bundtday!

Happy Bundtday MMMC! Here are some birthday treats just for you.

A bundt in the oven may not be every girl's birthday wish but one of these tins is still sitting in the big high cupboard waiting to meet you.

A big dose of op shop karma sent to you from my friend Andy who found this original Herman Miller bottom hugger recently for $40. Yes! $40!

He likes to look at the back because he likes all that aluminium. But wait there's more.....

He has a buffet covered in booty to make the Dutchboy drool! That little striped brown one is from Denmark. Scandi Andy!

The big orange one on the right was his father's day present when he found it Sunday morning at the Ferny Grove markets. It is enormous and has the most amazing blue glaze inside. You could fit a Genie or a Finnish au pair inside that big boy.

I love this flowery one below and that little spiky one above. Can you see some cheeky orange Botossiness peeking out on the left?

Look who was nestling modestly in all her blue beauty. I have dibs on this one when he starts selling them off.

So Happy Birthday to you, Carmel!



  1. I bet this post is her favourite gift! By the way, are you still up at this hour???

  2. This post is my favourite gift! In fact, I suspect it may be the only one unless I start throwing the credit card around today.

    Scandi Andy indeedy!

    Now I've decided I have to rejuvenate the Bitossi collection.

    Thank you.xo

  3. I think I need a bit of blue bitossi in my life too. Andy sounds cool and has a great collection there. xx

  4. Deb: It was only midnight but I haven't bothered with the post time thingy yet.
    MMMC: The credit card, rejuvenating Bitossi, birthday favours- it all makes perfect sense to me!

  5. We could all do with a bit of Bitossi blue or orange either at $3!!!. Most of his were priced between $1 and $5 ! I kid you not. He showed me the nikko and stick on oppy prices still underneath them.

  6. Love the squirrel.
    Other stuff drooly too, but that squirrel has agenda.
    Maybe he's telling you it's past your bedtime.

  7. DMC: It's always past my bedtime. That's my favourite time of day, pottering around a quiet house with nobody wanting anything. Delicious!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MMMC! And you did it, Annie. The squirrel is released! (We just watched 'UP' so the squirrel is totally appropriate tonight!)


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