Monday, September 12, 2011

Op Shop Canoodling

The Fisher Price fairy appeared today. "What to do, what to do?"

She needed an extension for her farm so she cast a spell. An irresistible urge came over me to visit Ron and Brian in their op shop Aladdin's cave.

Et Voila! There it was, just waiting there with functioning batteries to make it play some horsey ditty or another.

Knowing I would have preferred to stay in and domestica , the F.P. fairy threw me a bone. I had been after a small dish for her rejected hair clips. This will do nicely, thank you.

Then she thoughtfully provided a plate just in case there might be fairy bread.

Remembering the recent birthday boat theme, she slipped this little beauty under the counter. It seems to be pewter and is so lovely I may frame it as a wall plaque.

It is really the lid off an old trinket box. I am very taken with it!

Then she produced this little nugget. A dear, far away friend of mine used to keep one of these as her olive oil bottle in her kitchen. I have been missing her of late so this was timely. It should bring Lucky kitchen karma.

It must have worked because look what else turned up.

Somebody to ca-noodle with the squirrel.

There are no coincidences. Thank you, Fisher Price fairy. You can sleep well tonight!


  1. Aww, lovely booty! I especially like the canoodle doggy.

  2. That squirrel! I like it. And the new dog.

    I may have to drop into an op shop on Wednesday. Tomorrow. I here fairy whisperings!

    Lovely finds all up.

  3. MMMC: I'll put in a good word for you.

    Deb: The Canoodle reminded me of a friend.

  4. Oh what a sweet little puppy dog. x

  5. I'm playing catch-up here, because I've just been admiring the red clucks.
    They deserve names as each is so herself.
    Chooks made my childhood less bleak with three older brothers.
    Your booty is admirable.
    Squirrel's call for help was answered.
    But, the doodle still pulled at the heart strings.
    Love him.


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