Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home is where the art is.

I don't often get to see this. She wakes up and sings to herself and I try and get as much done while she is happy. The mannies (brothers) are usually the ones that get her out of her cot in the morning. They all left early today so I got to meet and greet for a change.

She seemed very happy in there and I looked around to see what was amusing her. You know how sometimes you are around stuff so much that you don't see it. In a moment of clarity, with nobody bellowing for undies or Milo, I realised that the Divine Miss M has been ensconced in a little bubble of art.

Yesterday one of her lairy godmother's whisked us away to the Redhill Gallery to see this guy's latest exhibition. Shorty walked in and looked around and said "Painting!" Stating the obvious maybe but I was pleased that it was up there in her first word lexicon. She gets it. Art is relevant to her.

Looking around her room, I thought of all the wonderful women who had touched us with these tokens of affection expressed in their handmade things. It's like a little etsy shop in there! There's an Anna Bartlett handbag. (She's the other lairy godmother.)

The local godmother often gives her a little somethin' somethin' when we visit and it has accumulated into this little collection of eclectica.

Here's a bit more Anna Bartlett dangling from Aunty Kath's button-festooned 'M'. Look away Anna. (She's not so keen on buttons.)

Here's another Kath Reilly (my sister) artwork commissioned by Nanna R. for Shorty's baptism. It's from the Talmud- just perfect for a baby's room. "Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers- grow, grow..."

One of my special students in London made this in the 90's. It has been hanging around my house since long before there were babies.

What do you know, a bit more Anna Bartlett. The dinosaur has been a prominent styling accessory in this house since B1 and B2 were toddlers.

Not to forget the stylish Ron and Brian who contributed this dainty twig stool. I painted it with Porters eggshell acrylic in Dove which has resurrected a couple of old furnishings in her room. There is more but this gives you the general idea. Lucky kiddo! You are loved.


  1. I see a line of Fisher Price critters! I wish Anna was my lairy godmother. I've already asked her to be my mother.

  2. So much gorgeous art. Anna, your sister, all so clever and beautiful. I want this room! Love the mobile, and the chair. I just love it ALL!!!

  3. Deb: Anna wouldn't mind. As my husband said when I told him about Shorty, "Four...Five. What's one more?"

    R & S: I've nearly used up that Porters paint!

  4. Small Stuff surrounding by art stuff just right for a short person of 2. (or even a tall person of 2!)
    Perfection at play.
    Anna-type God-parents were not about when needed in my past.
    Do tell about the heading of Chook Man flying north for the winter.

  5. Deb has asked and I've accepted - just waiting for her to show up. I'm going to boot the eldest boy child over to live at a friend's place.
    So happy to feature so heavily in M's waking moments... but ah, the buttons!! The buttons!!!! Arghhh!!!

  6. I thought I commented on this post. Maybe I didn't. I mentioned my admiration for the twig seat and all things artistic.

    When do you think Shorty will move into a big bed? I'm just pondering whether to make the move.


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