Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Momentary Mojo

A few days ago it was the beloved, big fella's special birthday. I wanted to give him something from the heart that was not about us or the offspring, just him and his journey so far. Whilst visiting a renovating friend a few weeks back I picked up these VJ offcuts, fully intending to trim them and remove the tongue from the side.

Life is not as tidy as that though so I left them a bit uneven and meandering and liked how the VJs slotted together, decade into decade, one part of life linking to the next.

I love the lushness of black gesso as a primer and used Anna's lovely Golden sample pot which just made my mouth water.

I collaged little cut components on then worked into the background with layers of blues and a bit of sandpaper. When the sandpaper was inadvertently thrown out, I used emery boards. One learns to be versatile, no?

I fiddled around with them for a couple of days as I didn't really have a plan for this one. It was about boats as his family comes from a small Scottish fishing village and he has had a lifelong fascination with little boats.

The first block was about the liner his family came here on.

The next was one he sailed on belonged to a family friend.

Then he grew up and bought a tiny catamaran.

He sailed on a famous replica across the Irish Sea and worked on it for a while. He wore a great costume!

Now he is in quieter waters, sailing with his own boys into the future on our little lugger.

I think he liked it.
Happy Birthday, big fella. x


  1. wow - it's just beautiful. Art with extra special meaning.

  2. Good grief! Tears!

    I love it! I hope you got a hug for that.

  3. Oh, Annie!
    That was heart rending for me. Truly.
    To learn so much about your big fella this way is movingly unique to you - to your love for him, and with the gifts of your art.
    He sounds lie a fine man to me.
    Your sons must be very proud of their lovely Dad.
    Belated Happy Birthday to him as he sails the briny of Brisbane.
    All he needs now, is a captain's cap.

  4. Annie, What a wonderful, thoughtful thing to do for your Beloved. I'm sure you got a biiig hug for that.

  5. Aww. Pshaw! You lot are such a lovely bunch of big softies. Carmel, you take a lot of tissues on Friday or you could use your sleeve.

  6. That is just amazing! Love it to bits! :-)

  7. Enroute to Darwin at the moment (lots of Mango trees). That is THE most thoughtful and beautiful present! Lucky fella!!

  8. Cowroad: Thanks. Hopefully it will get the muse back to work.

    Megan: So lovely to hear from you en route. Did you like your wallpaper so far?

  9. Wow - you are one talented lady. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.


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