Monday, September 26, 2011

Cooking S.N.A.G.s

Now I know it's summering up because the light comes through the kitchen window just so in summer.
It gives the eggs the most wonderful glow and texture.
Sometimes they are almost transparent and the ginger boo ladies are producing lots.
We made a batch of double flavour swirly biscuits to celebrate.
Check out the dextrous hand action here by a S.N.A.G. in training. Apparently the large rubber band is the latest thing and also handy for quick crossbow repairs.
It's not all about footy and bone collecting and weapon modification, you know.
If you do it right you get this very cute little swirl.
It stays there after it's cooked. Smells so good!
Another S.N.A.G. in training waiting for the bowl. Cupcakes are more his style.
Enough frippery. Back to boys world!
Easy Biscuit Recipe from some magazine in a holiday house:

125g soft butter
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 glowy egg
1/3 cup coconut
1 1/2 cups SR flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder for 1/2 the mix
2 tbsps hundreds and thousands for the other

Cream butter and sugar, add egg, add rest. Divide and make two colours. Cook at 180C for 15 minutes then inhale and eat.

Let me know if yours like it. I have to double it because they eat the dough.


  1. I'm up at 4am. It's very quiet.
    Quite the S.N.A.G.s you have; and what swirl-a-licious biscuits! The OFMF (old fashioned misogynist fart) tales I could tell you would curl your hair.
    Clever buddha bottle!

  2. What cute biscuits! Nice swirl :)

  3. But is the second SNAG french knitting?

    Cool shirt, too, on Two.

  4. MMMC: French knitting has been a big thrill around here for many years. It rears it head from time to time during holidays. The shirt is a PJ top. There have been a few pyjama days this holiday.

    R & S: They don't know they are SNAGS and would be horrified if I explained it.

    Sarah: They are truly delicious.

  5. I'm speechless at the willing dexterity of your SNAGS-in-training. Even a plaster cast being no deterrent.
    True, yummy biscuits at the end, but even so.
    I can recall only household havoc during school hols in the days of yore.
    I cannot remember one child's foot passing over the kitchen threshold.
    Mind you I've never made a cake or biscuits myself, so who am I to throw the first stone?

  6. DMC: Don't feel alone. Household havoc prevails to this day during holidays. Mine are still happy with 'bored' games and cooking at this stage.

  7. I'm afraid to ask what SNAGS are. We don't have glowy eggs here in Canada, does everyone have chooks in the yard over there???

  8. Deb: Sensitive New Age Guys. I thought you were married to one! Not everyone has chooks. In our case it was a dog substitute- no vet bills, egg producing and self sufficient!

  9. Gorgeous eggs and we're going to make those bikkies - looks like a rainy one tomorrow. Were going to come down for the GOMA Surrealist Exhibition - but not if it's pouring. Hmmm.

  10. There are always week-ends now that the footy season is over.

  11. Yes, I am married to a SNAG!!! Wish I had chooks though.

  12. Great job boys!! Good training for when you aren't a SNAG anymore....

  13. Good one. We made them yesterday. No glowy eggs, unfortunately, just regular ones here. And I added a bit of vanilla essence.

  14. CC: Hope they were tasty but they are fun to make anyway!
    Megan: You can try them when you get home. Wrangling a crocodile probably beats baking even for a token SNAG>


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