Monday, September 12, 2011

Bing-Bell (Is that the door?)

Here is just a little more Evil Roy Slade because I got the taste for it again with the Stubby Index Finger song. As a bonus this contains gratuitous shots of bambi, owl and, yes, a small cameo by the squirrel. Enjoy...


  1. Deb: That was, sadly, one of the things I 'studied' at Uni Deb in my first degree. I had some punk friends with eclectic taste in old cult movies. Evil Roy Slade was right up there.

  2. Just watched that CRAZY video with Martha and she asked, 'Mummy, what's Daddy doing?' That'll make her father happy when he sees the video.

  3. MMMC: I have been wondering what he wore last Friday.

  4. Possibly, a streak of madness is there in us all?
    It seems to me that Evil Roy Slade went back for more.


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