Monday, September 12, 2011

Squirmin' Vermin

I am not a compulsively tidy person. The big fella likes things tidy and ordered. I can let it slide a tad but I do appreciate a nice 'vinaigrette'. Not many of them... just a few, usually up high somewhere.
I think it's the enjoyment of composition that leads me to occasionally just have a little play with things to make it pretty when, perhaps, mopping the scooter oil and spag bog schmears off the floor might be more practical.

It might just be how the light hits something or a coincidental happy mix of colours.

It never lasts too long. The spell will be broken by some small critter disagreeing with my aesthetic. Sometimes it is the invited critters.

Order and a calm sense of zen are not appreciated by some. They turn things a bit topsy turvy and put things where they frankly do not belong!

Others are drop-ins. The cheek of these cockies pooping on the decking.

Who invited YOU to dinner? You looking at ME?

Are YOU looking at ME?!

I ignore and, to be honest, quite enjoy most of it. But sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand.

Nobody puts squirrel in the laundry!


  1. The symmetry of the cockatoos appeals.
    Their excretions would follow the line as well.
    Perhaps it's a case of small stuff putting things in a line again after she's rearranged the furniture and completed her callisthenics.
    Help, says squirrel.

  2. DMC: It would seem Squirrel and I have quite a bit in common.

  3. So much lovely natural light in your home.

    Did you train those cockatoos?

    I think that squirrel of yours has magical powers. Or maybe he was just helping with the folding?

  4. I forsee a series of postcards, featuring the squirrel. With a special guest appearance by horsey perhaps.... hey, it's a crossover special!

  5. Anna: Is that like a crossover bra? You know your blog lingo has no meaning to the novice. Please explain?

  6. Cockatoos just fly around willy nilly over there? Amazing. What is that critter in the barrel? All I know are kangaroos and koalas. I might need your vinaigrette recipe.

  7. Deb: That little rascal is a possum of the common brush-tail variety. We are more forgiving of the more timid ring-tailed ones. Cockatoos are only forgiven for they're turkey like gang behaviour and loud early squawking because they are pretty and seem to smile a lot- the dolphin of the sky.

    Annie's Vinaigrette recipe- Put ingredients on high out-of-reach surface.
    Fiddle with mixture till it looks nice.
    Allow dust to settle.


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