Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quirks and Perks

This afternoon we got some medals from our local celebrity member. We see her at something nearly every week-end lately in this hotly contested little electorate.

They seem to get a lot of medals these days. I think there was one for coughing last week.

Everyone wants in. This is the Massel Gravy top award for not touching other people's medals. Remember Mother's rule. Look in the mirror before you leave the house and remove one item of adornment. She also quite likes a photo shoot.

This one, not so much. This is Lala pulling her cranky Kate Moss, grunge, I-hate-paparazzi look on the way to a red carpet year 3 party no less. Remember Mother's rule and add one piece of adornment before you leave the house. Please?

It may be time to extend your friendship to another member of the domestica. Behind the Cirque de Nappy and abandoned turkey trap is the Ginger Boo Ladies' Lounge.

Up on the roof is the cubby and down below is where the Ladies in Red live.

The Big Fella is also a big softy and lets them out when he is home- like a little feathered harem.

This is my favourite ladies' lounge resident. Her name is Princess Layer II. She was regenerated from the DNA of the first Princess Layer who fell over very still one day in a lava flow. Maybe I'm thinking of somebody else.

She is very cheeky and likes to climb the stairs and loiter casually waiting for old school lunch leftovers. Slim pickin's these days, my love. She was at the bottom of the pecking order when she subbed in for Princess Layer I. but has since worked her way up to the top of the G.B.L.L. ladder.

I like her tenacity, sweet nature and the fact that she is not quite perfect. Bush turkeys sit around their campfires in Brisbane gardens, taunting home owners with their bawdy rendition of the song about her Stubby Index Finger. You may have heard it yourself. Do sing along...


  1. As I'm reading, I spy a bush turkey lurking on the back verandah.

    Is there no end?

    That's a serious injury to Princess Layer II, but that's the cut and thrust of egg-laying.

    Glad to see you've got a cranky pre-teen too. Should be a support group (for us, not them!).

  2. MMMC: Layer came with that quirky digit but that may be why she got picked. I think our pre-tweens would get each other's angst, both minimalists as they are.

  3. Maybe I could win the medal for most nose blowing. I love your chooks and your maxi/minimalist gals.

  4. How funny - I love the description of medals awarded. I think we should get the vomiting medal this week.

  5. Anna: A mis-spent youth.

    CC: Do you think 'not-flushing' medals could be behaviour changing?


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