Saturday, September 10, 2011

21 and 1/2 Reasons to Sing Out Loud!

1. Being fed chips for breakfast... bought by the grandad... when the mother forgot to feed the child...before leaving at Dawn's crack for the big soccer final.

2. Sitting on favourite big fella for long periods of time whilst he is preoccupied with ball's movements on field.

3. Studying signage and considering its relevance to self.

4. Anarchic response to aforementioned signage.

5. Hanging with the brother-hoody and observing ball's continued movement.

6. Experiencing Snickers and brain buzzing sensation courtesy of ...

7. ....the grandad.

8. Watching more of the brotherhood biting, kissing and waving around inedible metal discs.

9. Finding alternative modes of travel whilst still maintaining preference for sitting on the Big Fella.

10. Being with the other man of your dreams.

11. Observing Sister Lala being still, introspective and calm.

12. Or not!

13. The joy of hugging a best buddy.

14. Dancing to the Humpybong Primary School fete music whilst playing football (still).

15. Finding a perfect shell to give a lovely woman friend for Christmas. (such forethought.)

16. Dancing in the wind with wild abandon as the Humpybong fete music plays on.

17. Kicking a ball hard in crazy wind and glowing afternoon sun when you are lithe and strong and ten.

18. Fossicking to fill a shopping bag.

19. Ignoring the dull myth of girlish squeamishness and performing your first jelly fish rescue.

20. Delighting in the abundance of glorious beach booty on a suburban beach.

21. Discovering that poking yourself in the nose makes your hair do this.

22. Almost falling asleep in the bath whilst smiling and gargling a Norwegian folk melody.

The last bit is a lie.


  1. I'm so glad you started blogging, I've enjoyed all of your posts so far! :-)
    Humpybong though???? ;-)

  2. Sure, that last bit is a lie. You can't beat a dad and a grandad though.

  3. Ha! What a busy, busy wonderful day.

    Martha especially guffawed seeing someone in the bath! Baths can be so funny!!

  4. Cowroad: I swear it's true- a beautiful little school right on the ocean at Margate!

    Deb: Only the bit about sleeping in the bath.

    MMMC: Baths can make the tiredest, grumpiest kid all better. Maybe I need a bath!

  5. I've never heard of Humpy Bong; but it does make me want to dance on the sand with carefree abandon.

  6. Raine and sage: Yeah! Humpybog, humpybong, humpybong!

  7. Again, a memory surfaces at the mention of Humpy Bong.
    My father , in days of yore, used to visit that area once a week , as a chemist at the Royal Brisbane Hospital. In those days, there was just a clinic as an extension of this particularly revolting hospital.
    He loved going from one of these fringe clinics to others similarly placed when Brisbane was a puppy.
    That school always had a wonderful reputation.
    Thank you Annie, for sharing you beautiful family . Grandad looks very special.
    Lala has the world at her feet. Not just those remarkable shells which have long ago been siphoned away from beaches near me.
    I love shells too. It cheers me to see them in such abundance to be collected and enjoyed.
    Congratulate the football fiends on their win.
    They deserve it with so much practice in the back yard.

  8. DMC: Grandad IS very special. He was an engineer of dams and bridges and roads but his greatest pride is his 25 grandchildren.

  9. Twenty-one and a half! I'm impressed! And to think that only moments ago you couldn't even download your photos. You must have a great teacher!

  10. Anna: The woman is a genius but an utter insomniac.


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