Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Primitive blogging

It feels a little odd sharing these but I have run out of drafts so this is it.

Recording snippets of this family life is second nature. Usually it involves photos and drawing. At the beginning of 2010 I decided to set myself a personal goal, a small project that could span 365 consecutive days. I wanted to start drawing a little. It was an exercise in self discipline as much as anything. So every day for a year I made a small drawing in a sketchbook. There ended up being six books and they hold a year of memories and images and brief notes. I like how they sit in a pile and how the offspring leafs through them from time to time. It's nothing very clever but was just a fun thing to do.

Some are simply narrative and were drawn from photos we had taken that day. This pouch was the best baby blessing that I got for number 5 and this beach, at Coolum, is a favourite. She has never had a lot of hair.

Here is my preferred bit of a doll I made for Lala. I loved that fat button and felt pocket. (Button apologies to Anna).

We acquired a marvelous piano from a friend's 100 year old aunt. It was made in New York in the 1920's. I felt very privileged and relieved to get it as Fish was in love with his piano playing but had been learning on a dodgy keyboard. The others quite liked it too.

I visited my beautiful sister in Sydney and she took me on long awaited pilgrimages to Julie Patterson's 'Cloth' shop....

...and to the Dinosaur Designs seconds sale about this time last year. Her kids were learning Italian words for colours at the time.

In the same year that the tiny one snuggled in the pouch she was suddenly taking her first walk up the road to visit the lairy godmother. The handbag habit still remains.

Of course there were op shop bits and bobs, this one bought for me by my lovely brother on the Sunshine Coast.

This is a cryptic diagram that had something to do with a tree being cut down out the front.

This one looks cryptic too but is simply a drawing of the dentist's x-ray that showed Fishy's tooth was pushing out another one.

Often it was as mundane as what we had to eat that day. Similar stuff to blogging really though a bit less public.

One day I might show you some more. It was a good year.


  1. What a great idea! I wish I had a tenth of your talent.

  2. Wow, your drawings are AMAZING!!!! :-)

  3. What a wonderful record of a year! Can I ask why so much red and blue? It's very effective :)

  4. Such a great talent you have.

    It's so good you're not letting it go to waste even though you'd be completely flat-out just looking after the five.

  5. i like your drawings ! and your inspirations and ideas. just so cute : )

  6. What an amazing talent you have!

  7. Lots of heart in these drawings, Annie.
    They speak of a well disciplined talent as well.
    To do this every day , producing that day's story, will certainly form part of your family's archives.
    The idea of monochrome for each, is inspired.
    Right down to squiggles.

  8. To all: Well, howdy do! I didn't think you'd enjoy them so much and was a tiny bit embarrassed about showing them. Thank you so much. A confidence boost is always a good thing when restarting an old skill. That was part of the reason I started blogging- to get motivated to make more art again. Problem is now I am making blogs. Ah well. Making is making!

  9. P.S. The monochrome was just because I was given a couple of coloured pacers and they are very fine and soft and a bit different to draw with. I get a bit sick of the dull lustre of graphite on a tiny scale. Just thought it would be a bit different and fun really. There was also a bit of collage on a few. I'll post some more later and we can do a critique.

  10. what an amazing record of a year - if I had any talent at all I'd be inspired to try one too
    I just write a bit and take lots of photos!

  11. Demie: So nice to meet you far so far away!

    Fiona: You have a small tribe too, I see. Thanks for taking the time to visit.

    Ally: That's exactly what I'm doing this year. It was quite a relief to get to New Year!

  12. What a wonderful set of memories. Incredible. You have me thinking I should do something... it will not be drawing, but thanks for the inspiration.


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