Monday, September 5, 2011

Artistica- finally

The op shop vase came up quite nicely with a wash and some Moonlight grevillea cuttings. Behind it there is one of Lala's paintings from a few years ago. We like to call it her mini-Miro.
There are other arty kids living here too.

Last night one of our boys took us to see his first exhibition!

Last year he was asked to join an art extension programme at our amazing local high school's art department. He goes one afternoon a week. They made some cool boy art- scorpions and gargoyles,

ugly bugs,

and the highlight of the evening was the fantasy castles with candlelit innards.

Everybody got into it,

Even Shorty! "Row, row, row your boats.."

And they fed them dinner!


  1. How wonderful is all that arty stuff! Makes our school art program look like a Women's Weekly book. I'm so glad he's had the opportunity.

  2. And I'm glad they got a free dinner!

  3. The candle burning kept the little arsonists pretty happy too.

  4. Free dinner! That's a bonus.

    Your lot are very artistic and clever.

    I like Shorty's flotilla.

  5. That mini-miro is inspired. What a fabulous art initiative your school has. Your kids put me to shame. My brother stole the artistic genes.

  6. Amazing art! What a talented bunch.

  7. I love how absorbed they all were. Better than TV! There will be a big block of BRT clay coming home for the holidays. Therapy time is coming up for the wee-uns.


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