Sunday, September 4, 2011

This morning we woke up to find this.


...made 'JOY'!

Thanks for the rousing welcome!


  1. Off to a flying start! Hilarious photo!

    This'll be a hit.

  2. Very cute! You are off to a great start. I posted goodness only knows how many times before anyone even read one!
    Have a great week :)

  3. That little person knows the score.
    Look cute for Mum's photo and I'm in for the day.
    If not forever in the eyes and hearts of Mum's admirers.

  4. Found you through MMMC, You are off to a great start! What a cutie... I am following you as I too have 5 children (and 20 chooks!) I am always interested in the (creative)lifestyles of other large Aussie/Brissy families... Happy Blogging :)

  5. Deb: ...and organised. Note the rows of Fisher Price people. That would be her father's side. (domestica meticulosa).

    MMMC: Baby steps, dear, baby steps.

    Midcenturymadam: That's her second novella, right there.

    Sarah B. : I think I had a kickstart.

    Sonia: I hope nobody noticed at school.

    DMC: The bed hair is questionable but the jaunty headwear sold me.

    Gooseberry Jam: I may need more chooks too. I can't keep up the egg supply to my rampantly growing boys.


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