Monday, August 15, 2011

One small step....

I have thought about writing this for a while. Who could be interested? Is it not a little scary for such a techno challenged woman to be out in the ether? However, daily events in our very ordinary lives had started to take on a surreal quality. It felt worthy of the occasional observation if only to get things straight in my own head.Add Image

There are five children who live in this house with us. One minute we were eating our first takeaway without cutlery on the floor of a freshly bought fixer- upper. Then we blinked and were surrounded by two, three, make it five short people who entertain us endlessly and drive us to a frenzy with the speed of this busy life.

A couple of friends had been suggesting I do this bloggy thing for a while. I had been visiting their blogs, using up their comment space and hanging out in their cyber houses. It really was time to invite them back. When I lost a year's worth of photos off our camera it seemed like the right time to start. I needed to record some of the ephemera that makes the days so messy and funny and memorable when you live with a house full of diverse personalities and events. Some weeks so much happens in this old farmhouse that I get a little dizzy and have lapses of memory and, some might argue, sanity. Other weeks it can be very quiet. This is a rare and precious thing and noteworthy in itself.

Frequently I can't remember what happened the previous day so I'll never remember in years to come unless it is chronicled somewhere. We may not record footsteps on the moon but there will be well made sling shots, great op shop finds, gratuitous chicken observation, trombone wrangling, tea with girlfriends, unidentified potions in the fridge, happy surprises, domestic disasters, etc. And maybe there will also be footsteps on the moon.

If the planets align there may even be the miracle of the occasional piece of art being made. So this is a bit of fluff about a family's domestic and hopefully artistic life and the art of living it.


  1. Annie! HELLO!!! It really was time to invite us in you know. Put the kettle on, let's have tea.

  2. HELLO! HELLO! Finally.

    And now I feel I can depart.

    You'll have a ball.xo

  3. Hi Annie! Welcome to this bloggy caper. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun :)
    Cheerio, Sarah B

  4. Hello there thanks to MMMC I am here to say hello.I am 5 hours north of you in Bundie country.Looking forward to seeing all your posts.It gets easier over time and is sorta kinda addictive too lol.I have my 5 young grandkids and 3 of my own living at home at the moment so I know all bout lots of little and bog people running

  5. hi from a very Sunny Melbourne. Welcome to blogland, I came to visit via MMMC too.

  6. hello - guess who's blog I came via! (and no, MMMC you can't disappear)

    love that you can have a HUGE family and make time for some art - my mojo and inclination to do creative stuff nosedives when I just have 2! x

  7. Hello, so nice for MMMc to link you in. Very much looking forward to your next post. My blog is similar minus 3 children and chickenless thanks to a nasty suburban fox. Desperately trying to throw some creativity into the mix while renovating my house. melx

  8. Wonderful!! Love your blog title and header.Very cool. xx

  9. Well welcome to Blogland, Annie! You've already made some lovely company here, I can assure you. That's a great start - enjoy the ride! J x

  10. Whoa! That was a big surprise. I was not aware that I had published that post yet as I had intended to put photos on.

    Raine and Sage: Hope it's a real one soon.

    MMMC: You are going nowhere. You can't invite me to the party and leave through the back door as I arrive!

    Sarah B: I'm quite noivous about it all.

    Lyndel: Did you mean bog people or blog people- either way works for me.

    Trashsparkle: I TRY to make time for the artistica but some times the art of grating zucchini trumps great art.

    Bungalowgirl: We have had two of the ladies in red fall off their proverbial perches over the last months but there was no evidence of foul play.

    Brismod: The header is courtesy of the now ten year old. It hangs in our bed room and is a bit of artistica amidst the domestica . I'll explain the title when I get more competent and past the shock of being on here.

    Jane: Thanking you. I feel like I'm on the way up the roller coaster on the slow preamble to the first yeehah down.

    So nice to have you all over as I feel I've known some of you quite a while. Now if I can just find the luddite release button I should be fine.

    Anna: I'll be there at 9 am Monday for a tutorial.

  11. Brismod: Oops! That is not the header I thought it was and is actually a lovely big painting courtesy of a whole class of year 4's, 2008. I'll show you the whole thing when I figure out how.

  12. Welcome to bloggyland ... may you never lose your blogging mojo.

    Ahem ... MMMC! Don't even think about it!

  13. Yay! Welcome! It's about time, missy. MMMC's going nowhere.

  14. Deb:We have begun methodically breaking things just for you!

  15. Any friend of MMMC is surely a friend of mine. Welcome!

  16. Wow! It's Annie time.
    So great to officially speak face to face, as it were, instead of out the side of my mouth.
    Big stuff you're taking on, me thinks.
    I can't do the photo thing either, but I don't take photos either.
    I have to be honest that your intro exhausted me.
    But, it is a consolation that someone young and frisky (you!) forgets what she did an hour ago.
    Say Happy Dad to Mr Annie.
    Love those chooks already.
    Not to mention your brood of 5.
    Brave friend.

  17. Welkommen. Looking forward to reading more! x

  18. MM: We can share dual custody of Martha.

    Laura: Thank you. I am quite lost in Blogland and may need virtual name and phone numbers on my wrist and to be sent to the Blogland police stand so that my cyber parents (Anna and Carmel) can come and rescue me.)

    Zigsma: Cheers! I hope to write more and that it is vaguely interesting to someone besides my children in 30 years time.

    DMC: Brave/ foolish! It's all moot now as I will be stumbling through blogging 101 for beginners.

  19. Why hello there Annie, what a lovely surprise & yes, until BLogger nom nom noms your blog & comments & blog life, enjoy, safer than the camera. Greetings from Canberra, mother of 4 & all that goes along with it, love Posie

  20. Posie: Touch wood, m'dear. I am already giving Blogger a headache with my inept shenanigans but this too shall pass.

  21. Welcome to the 'hood, Miss Annie---you'll like the neighbors just fine, and we're happy to have you!

  22. Yay for your new blog! I love it already :)

  23. Gosh, so fantastic!! Only thinking very recently-I must email Annie and now I am joining up to your new blog....fabbo! Welcome Annie, so good to see you around these parts. So sure I will thoroughly enjoy reading about the shenanigans and seeing some of your art!! Megan

  24. Wendy: The 'hood seems good and I'm starting to get bloggy with it.

    Bron: Thanks for the thumbs up.

    Megan: It is so good to hear from you out there in the Wild West! Your wallpaper will be on here any day now. I was just waiting for you to arrive before it was served.

  25. welcome, Annie , hope you enjoy your new adventure !!!!!!!!

  26. Bea: Thanks. Hope to see you around.


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