Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nappy You Hear

No resolutions please!

Old year, new year. It's still the same bunch of funsters around here and the same pile of laundry in there. Without dwelling too much, there were a lot of good things in 2012. We experienced a lot of firsts: air flight, skiing, violin playing, lemonade stand, school leadership, communion, driving a ute, house building, Anne of Green Gables, potty training and- oh yes- blogging! It was an eclectic mix due to the age range and adventurous spirit of these delicious souls I find myself sharing my life with.

There has been some art made, some calzone baked, some dear friends embraced and a lot of washing folded. 2012 heralds big changes in the Smiley family. There will be two different uniforms as the big boys head off to high school. I will have to IRON! The wee-un has to start kindy two days a week so I can work to pay for the new school. Those long indulgent cuddly one- baby days are going to be dearly missed but I am so grateful that we had them.

I'm not so much one for resolutions although I do write a list in my new diary of things to do like paint the drawers and build a new deck. (That's been on there a few years now.) Otherwise we'll just schlepp along as always, laughing, loving, arguing and learning, enjoying the old and the new with equal vigour. See you in 2012!


  1. Lovely post. Happy New Year!

  2. Annie, your beautiful kids sure do keep you busy, and I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way. I'm currently writing my list for 2012 too- finish my patchwork quilt, grow more veggies, paint a few bits of furniture, like you.
    Keep the lovely posts coming, I enjoy reading everyone of them.
    Happy New Year. x

  3. And a Happy New Year to you , the leftist ranks,and the fine bloggers contributing to the fun.
    I note the mannies are holding the red flag high.
    Made me think of Labor Day protests back in the day when.

  4. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Is it time for kindy already? Those big boys will love their new school, I think!

  5. We still have almost 5 more hours to go before the new year hits us and wanted to wish you a great one. Looking forward to more fun in blog land at AD! :-)

  6. Happy days to you Annie.
    Ironing uniforms? Oh my!
    Maybe boarding school's not such a bad thing.

  7. Found your blog via Urban Cottage-love your take on the ABC quilt and the people that inhabit the squares, LOL.

    My own kids are adults now...which makes for a very different dynamic at holiday time-albeit it a good one that we all enjoy.

    I, too, worked to pay for Montessori preschool for our twins. Guess what-paying for kids' stuff NEVER changes-we now just call it "giving them gifts."

    Happy New Year-sjs

  8. Susan: Lovely to have you over! My place is considerably less serene than Steve's. I go there for respite. You've had twins too though so you will feel right at home!


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