Friday, December 2, 2011

Cover, Craft, Cook

In a desperate bid to look uber- organised, I have sorted next year's diary. This is ironic because I barely use the things, preferring the miraculous Remo one page wall calendar my sister gave me last year or the Leunig calendars from the Sydney Morning Herald which I annually forget to buy. For 2011 the big fella got me a Moleskin diary and last year, Anna gave me a Remo notebook which I obsessively wrote the calendar dates into. This year I found a $4 diary at the $2 shop whilst trawling for concert accessories/electric bling. So I dug out the old food stained Remo one which I had covered with some Prints Charming remnants a la an Anna Bartlett blog post (which I can't find).
The exterior fabric is lovely but needs a wash and I can't be bothered with more laundering. The lining was also a nice Prints Charming fabric so instead of washeroo it's switcheroo.
Here it is off the bones of the old diary. You can see how simple it was. The outside had a pen pocket stitched on the spine but I never used it anyway.
Here it is inside out...
preparing itself to contain the ugly plastic diary...
and all fresh for the New Year albeit even if only superficial.
The front yearly page was covered in the flap so I scanned it and stuck it on the first page.
That was me faking craftiness by recycling something previously crafted from a friend's idea. Or being a tight wad.

Tonight Lala had another concert. I may be renting them out Von Trap Style soon. This one was her junior school choir at a local church's craft stall. I was going to be in and out like the Flash.
However there was all this nostalgic booty. A man had made all this wooden stuff and it was priced from $4! Shorty needs nothing but I just wanted to get something little and simple and handmade to support the maker and placate the nostalgia nerve ticking in my right temple.
There is nowhere ftp put these in our house but the tall one is so sculptural I would like to just buy it and maybe paint it and hang it on a wall. $10!
How clever is this paint holder. I may go back for this treasure at $8.
There were rainbows of bags in every size. Some were cleverly sewn over the top of green shopping bags so they were very tough. The yellow and black has my attention.
Santas and angels and fat hearts- oh my! I may have bought a heart for $5. There were also plant stalls, lost stuffed toy stall (move away from the stuffed toys, Lala!!!), crochet doilies and tea towels and some authentic bona fide nannas manning the stalls. It's at the Gap Uniting Church Hall all Saturday if you're around and want teacher presents etc.
Then I came home to watch River Monsters with the boys and shoo them off to bed after their father at 8.30p.m.! All the cool rain and nanna-ness gave me a yen for old fashioned nanna food. There were eggs and a steamer of rice so I made curried eggs for the first time possibly ever.
Just in case you feel so inclined-

3 boiled eggs chopped
lashings of coriander chopped
a little white sauce made of butter and rice flour and milk
Clives of India very nanna curry powder to taste
a chopped up microwaved potato
a shaving of finely chopped onion
salt and pepper

Gently stir all the lumpy bits into the curry flavoured white sauce and serve on steamy rice.
Strangely comforting and very tasty and cost less than a craft market cactus. Bon appetite!


  1. I just can't keep up with you! Everything looks so exciting you just make me speechless!

  2. Very nifty recycling there with the diary cover. And curried eggs ... I haven't eaten a curried egg in a very long time! Might just have to give it a go :D

  3. I do love curried eggs.
    But, Paddy ,our poodle, keeps eating my coriander in a pot.
    And I'm not sure about either white sauce or rice flour.
    I have successfully avoided white sauce until now, because my mother made great quantities of the stuff under which she hid boiled TRIPE!!!!
    And, on Fridays, the dreaded mullet was also concealed under the yucky mix.
    Very praiseworthy diary.

  4. I can't find my blog post for that notebook cover either! But here's Lara Cameron's brilliant one -

    Not sure about the curried eggs though...

  5. Get the high chair. Paint it and put it on the wall! Great idea!

    I love white sauce, and I love curried eggs. Make 'em all the time (mine aren't as gourmet as yours).

    Please get the high chair and paint.


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