Sunday, December 18, 2011

Going Out (like a light bulb)

The following dialogue occurred at approximately 9.45 a.m. this morning. Names of persons involved have been changed to protect their reputations and because I don't remember who said what. It's all moot!

Mother: If you behave that way you won't be coming with me today.

Child 1: Where are you going?

Mother: I don't know but if I do go, you are not coming.

Child 2: Where are you going?

Mother: Nowhere! But if I do go out only well behaved kids are coming.

Child 3: Are you going somewhere?

Mother: Is there a string in my back? I'm not going out but if I did he couldn't come.

Child 1: How can you have a string in your back?

Child 2: She means she's saying the same thing over and over.

Child 1: But you can't have a string in your back like Woody. That's impossible.

Child 2: You're being stupid. She just meant she had to keep saying he couldn't go out if he was bad.

Child 4: Who's going out? Is Mum going out? Where are you going?

Mother:(muttering under breath) Quietly mad and to a restful asylum very soon.

Child 2: What's an asylum? Can I come?
I got out just in time. It's the bloody Noah's again!


  1. Somehow, this reminds me of that comic Family Circle.

  2. Oh my. I feel your pain. Glad you got out before the Noah's came.

  3. Ah, sweet familiarity. Life as I knew it! My lot have mostly grown up now. Not that it makes much difference, the topics may have changed but the conversations are still just as crazy!

    By the way, it's taken some minutes for the shaking with laughter to cease enough for me to type ;D

  4. That's so daja vu-ish.
    Sounding like a Pat 'n Mike act.
    And Sam and Ruthy are still lingering.
    Methinks they might be hanging out for Christmas pud.
    At least they left the animals at home.

  5. Annie/Woody/Woody/Annie - sounds good!

  6. Ha! That sounds so familiar...

  7. Ha! That sounds so familiar...


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