Friday, December 16, 2011

A Very Doodly Christmas

It's been getting just a bit crafty here for a wee moment in the still of night.
Here is a gratuitous shot of mother and son studying the complex art of making a cup of coffee for your father. See his new, yellow best friend/ pet. I found photos of it.
It will lie down,
roll over. But I digress. Back to crafty.
One of the offspring picked up a $3 white tree at the dollar shop much to my disinterest. It had one of those horrible bases.
We replaced it with a pot that was half buried in the garden and some rocks that were half burying it. Still a bit lame really.
Then last night about 10 pm while I was waiting for the forty chicken legs to cook (ah, Christmas!), I espied the cookie cutters from K-mart on the couch. So I started to trace and doodle into the shapes.
Then I thought I'd scan them so they could be water coloured on.
Then I cut them out and thought,"These look quite nice in black and white. I shall leave them so."
Waiting at swimming this morning I threaded some DMC embroidery thread through them.
Then we hung the little lovelies on the tree in the corner with some downloaded Anna Bartlett Christmas present tags.
I think I like it better than the bling tree. My retinas are fried today from tinsel and lights and that's just from a late night trip to the supermarket to buy AAA batteries for Secret Santa toys today. AAARGH! The Yuletide Duracell bunnies, Freddo with Rudolph ears, one metre teddies that will all end up at Ron and Brian's et al....too much.
There's only so much tinsel one can take at Christmas.
A little 'b and w' is quite soothing.


  1. Love your black and white.
    Love your creativity.
    Love your ability to function beyond 10pm.

  2. I wish I could doodle like that! 5 kids in a farm house-that sounds great to me. We are 3 kids in the burbs and hoping for 4 kids in the country. Great blog!! belinda x

  3. Very impressed with your take on the christmas angel download ... i may just need to quote you on that ... brain fried before Christmas ... need sleep ...

  4. I love it! You are so artsy, ahead of the curve re tree ornaments I should think.

  5. Fun digression, but is it house-trained?

    Loving the op art tree :D

  6. Love the tree decos! The black and white make the splash of colour of anna's gorgeous angels really stand out! I ban tinsel at our house. I'm a mean mum.

  7. I was first made aware of the intimate relationship my name had with an American stitchery, some dark years ago when I was innocently drawn to US based Catholic Chat Rooms.
    I think I was made feel like the little old lady of Threadneeedle Street.
    I saw the error of my ways when overcome by their passion for four letter words aimed in abundance at, presumably, their fellow American Catholic chatters. The vindictiveness was a shock to my true-blue Ozzie sensitivity.
    That aside, what sort of pole are we talking about? Could it be the next BIG THING?
    I drool at your artwork , Annie. I should love to see you at "work", but not in the middle of the night when I tend to seek shut-eye.
    Anna too, is perfection in creativity.
    Next year, please remind me to source some of those gift tags from your cornucopia of delights.

  8. Fiona: More like an inability to function when they are all awake!

    Belinda: Lovely to have you over. It's five kids in an old farmhouse on the edge of the burbs but one minute from the bush. Hope to see you again!

    Anna: GO TO BED!

    Deb: I may weaken and colour in one night.

    Annie: It is not house trained and is often caught whizzing through the kitchen making for the back door but it doesn't eat much.

    Emma: My Zen tree went belly up when they found the other decorations today and attacked it before I came in. It is a tinsel explosion!

    DMC: I respectfully decided not to mention your DMC-ness but it did cross stitch my mind. You can print Anna's tags straight off her site now!

  9. You are always so clever. I think the doodle decorations are going to be the next 'big thing'.


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