Monday, December 19, 2011

Bling a Ding Ding!

It's a time of great Blingness is it not? This is my Christmas Bling Ring from the Ladybird Cafe in Toowoomba. I told all the nieces at the 'Counting' on the week-end that it was a balanced composition of diamonds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, and a little topaz. Yours truly is now the Elizabeth Taylor of auntydom. It cost $5 and I love it to excess.This was what I loved before and after the 'Counting'.
Where do these things come from. I found a homeless bear in a Santa hat in her cot the other day. This bad boy has been loitering nervously since the great soft toy cull of 2011. See the fear in the whites of his eyes. Your days are numbered, my friend.
There are lists. I make them everywhere. I need a list to remind me where I have put the lists. There is even a pre-emptive Ikea-in-February list just to get away from the Merry ones.
Useful Bling from school is always appreciated. Poor Mary always loses her head at this time of year..
They found the lost box of ancient Christmas decorations from days of yore. It has exploded over every surface of the living room. I did love the minimal look but I have been overruled by the teeming hordes on this one.
Nothing was sacred not even a mouse. (or squirrel). A couple of vases were shattered indirectly by the son's yellow, wheely pet. Averting destruction by a mere dust mote, the squirrel is celebrating tonight.
They found this banner from last year when the 'Counting' was at the farmhouse.

Whilst dashing through the snow encrusted foam balls at a dollar shop today, I found this gem of musical loveliness. I used to play Rosemary Cloony when I was teaching Year Twelve Art if they got noisy at drawing time. They could have TISM if they were good. Strangely we all ended up loving the Rosemary and even the hard core emo kids would sing under their lip rings.
Ah, Christmas! The memories it invokes, the bling, the sheer exhaustion. Self bedder was discovered in a self made bed with her possie tonight. Maybe she should get a bed for Christmas.
Get a bed for M
Put out today's wet washing tomorrow
Buy things
Wrap things
Try to remember the mental list I made while watching children's TV tonight.
Ring Nanna Freddo, Nanna Lol-Lol, RSVP Christmas party late
Make new list
Listen to Rosemary Clooney Christmas CD as I execute list.


  1. Don't put that child in a bed. It will lead to no good, I tell you!

    Should I be doing things for Christmas? So far, I've not done much at all.

    Lists are fabulous inventions, are not they?

  2. Oh wow your home is certainly decked out now, love all the colour. x

  3. Is the Counting a Christmas festivity? It sounds worthy of a headache pill. Still, your house looks wonderful. If MMMC says don't buy the child a bed, you'd better listen!

  4. MMMC: She climbs out anyway and she is not a waker at night. She just needs something she can crawl into.

    Zara: The only thing we haven't decked is the hall!

    Deb: 'The Counting" comes from a wonderful British film with Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry where a spooky family meets once a year to be 'counted'. It is hilarious if you can get it.

  5. Deb: It's called Cold Comfort Farm! Rufus Sewel is rather dashing in it as well.

  6. I pine for the headless Mary.
    And she needs all her wits decorating the stable with Christmas ornaments and bling, with a Santa swaddling cloth for her baby.
    I agree that that reindeer has a distinctly shifty expression.
    I think he intends stealing the LadyBird brooch with bling eggs and fleeing the country on a fake passport.
    Let's hope he give the boat smugglers a wide berth.
    Who needs a bed when there are wall to wall cushions , pillows and cuddly toys?
    I'd say the abacus is running hot still after the counting.
    Rosemary Clooney even. How the years fly!

  7. Thanks, I'll try and find it.

  8. One must avoid any minimalism at this time of year, whether it be decorating, eating or indulging children.

  9. Love the bling ring, totally get the lists and absolutely feeling your pain over yesterdays post. It' really the constant talking, all day that unravels me. melx


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