Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Winter Wonderland

So we had a day of rain this week.

There may have been a few days last week.

In the big picture though we have to be very content with this version of Winter.

A little snow would be nice from time to time but there are always planes for that.

What I love about a winter holiday at the beach in Queensland:

1. Children sleep in with the late morning light and go straight to the beach.

2. Children stay on the beach all day where they can swim and sunbathe and play without frying like pork crackling under a tropical sun.

3. Yes, they can swim- even longer with a spring wet suit which is half price because it is pretend Winter.

4. Long, golden afternoon shadows on almost empty beaches.

4. Easy dinners of stew and fish curry and, that family stalwart, spag bog, because it is cold and they are ravenous and there are beaten up old pots in the holiday house which are nice to cook in.

5. Children go to bed early as they have been on the beach ALL day and it gets dark early. Blissful quiet nights for parents.

The song we danced to at our wedding was Moon River- Andy Williams, of course.

Give me a warm winter night at the beach any day over a sweltering sweaty summer one with mozzies and humidity and sunburn. It must be the Danish blood in me acting up.


  1. Hi Annie, love all your pics, most especially the last one. I also love that you danced to Moon River on your wedding day.
    We have had a very mild Winter too, sunny days, cold nights. Last night though we had a taste of the real thing. A proper Winter storm, loved it. Take care x

  2. Winter in Queensland looks very pleasant. Even better to be by the beach. And how good is it having the kids out in the sun without having to apply sunscreen! I'm enjoying that too.

  3. Sounds perfect to me, so glad you could get away and have some time with family and relax...

  4. Hello again, old friend, nice to see you back at our favourite beach lazing around in the (sporadic) winter sun. Hope you have had a great rest, have been missing your chirpy posts in the blogosphere. mel x ps loved the post about the bunt, never new it was called that before.

  5. Absolutely Annie - I LOVE a Queensland Winter. If it was like that all year round, I'd be living up there in a flash - I don't do the muggy heat of summer so well. Loving your pics, glad you had a great break x

  6. I could do a Queensland winter, no problem.

  7. This really does sound like the place to be...especially as we are sweltering in the heat of Andalucia's sweltery summer. Gorgeous photos.

  8. You make me want to book a beach holiday for my crew, because the memories you've made with yours are priceless.

  9. Queensland is beautiful in Winter and it looks like you're having a wonderful time.
    I don't do Summer very well either, so I'm enjoying Winter and all it brings.......

    Claire :)

  10. As I commented recently to another blogger in your neck of the woods ... I'm on the next plane to Brisbane. I know our 30C heat is nothing to you Queenslanders, but it's too much for me! Your winter looks like the perfect summer to this Brit :)

  11. Oh great ! you DID go and play :) there's nothing like winter in Queensland at the beach..Bliss


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