Thursday, May 2, 2013

Play Eat Run

Today I was playing with an idea for the year 7's but you might like to try it for your children.
 It could even be a 3D Mother's Day card if you want to keep them busy for a couple of hours this week-end.

Somebody bought in an interesting cookie box this morning. When you take the white cone off it folds open like a star. So we were thinking how this could work as a construction activity for the wee tackers. I photocopied one side and the base then cut them out and printed them onto stiff paper. This one is on water colour paper but you could use any card that goes in your printer. The template was on A3 sized paper.

We thought about how a twelve year old could transfer a bit about themselves onto the "Identity Pyramid". That sounds very New Age doesn't it? How about the "Cone of Self" or the "Me Prism"?
Mine shall be known as "Fishboy Facets". Each side is another side of his lovely personality....strings, piano, swimming, football and himself. Everything runs into the next as his busy life is getting a bit like that.

 The base and tip were made from a photocopy of a little canvas I painted a while ago for something else. It's just about him, now, this year. I didn't get too gushy as it is an example for other boys the same age.


It's up on my desk for a while till we've used it here but I'm looking forward to giving it to him. He can hang it on a string or sit it on his desk or, more likely, lose it under some dirty football socks. Ephemeral art!


  1. I can only look at this post with wonder and admiration.
    Very good one, Annie.

  2. Wow truly amazing!
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    Visit to enter. Good luck!

  3. Amazingly beautiful. You have boys pegged.

  4. hope you had a great day...


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