Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It must be fete.

It's fete season again. Luckily I only had to buy two armbands this year. For a couple of years there it was a very expensive exercise to get the wee uns on the rides and out of the hair for the day.
When did these big ride fetes become the done thing? I remember taking the boys to fetes preschool when the wagon behind a ride on mower was the thrilling highlight of the day. Ironically they don't do that any more because it's too dangerous!?

See that boy third from the left in a blur of sweat and panic. That would be my second one, Twin 2- he, with astonishing eyesight for finding the tiniest objects and a serious dislike for anything high. It may be because of that time he fell off the bench as a baby. I had been bathing him after making inky hand prints (as you do) when the other one crawled across my foot wanting something. I looked down for a millisecond and the higher one did one of those bionic baby lurches and shot off the bench. He was always a good sleeper so of course he dozed off soon after but I was afraid it might be concussion as I couldn't wake him. He was a REALLY good sleeper. The ambulance men arrived post haste and bustled into the darkened room. I heard a panicked voice call out, "Quick. Get in here! His hands are blue!" I had to apologetically mention that it might just be the residual ink on his hands. Turned out he WAS just a good sleeper.

The other one never slept and has no sense at all when it comes to height, speed and danger. Twins! Today he is going to the Ekka to throw himself on as many rides as his meagre purse will allow. He is going with another twin who is of the same ilk. That twin's twin and my other twin will be staying home to chill because they see no sense in blowing all their money at the Ekka and have better things to do.
Planning where to meet, what rides to go on, what to eat and if we can squeeze a skate in beforehand.

This one, below, also has no fear of height and has also been leaving a lot of DNA on the tarmac around our suburb with the footy and the skateboards, etc. He also appears to be channelling Rodney Dangerfield which he has done since he was two. I  recall him staggering out of a bouncy castle when he was little, wet with sweat in a floral shirt looking for all the world like a frat boy emerging from a mosh pit.
Ah. Good times!

They were giving these hats away in case you were wondering. Mine like to jump the trash and treasure when the fete is finishing to bring home replacement stuff for the stuff we just donated... this bunny. Yes. Another stuffed toy. Sometimes life is like walking up the down escalator.


  1. Love this Post Annie! Yes, occupational health and safety as well as our overly litigious society has a lot to answer for doesn't it? Reminds me of the trailer rides we did growing up on the farm at our birthday parties, 20 kids jammed into the trailer yelling 'faster faster" - wouldn't risk that sort of fun now!! Your last line is brilliant x

  2. I can only be thankful I didn't have twins even if it would have cut gestational time, I can definitely only cope with one per age bracket.
    Does seem rather ridiculous the amount of 'stuff' that needs to be off-loaded to accommodate the incoming 'stuff'.
    Looks like Shorty's becoming 'tall'n'skinny'.

  3. This made me giggle, I loved the rides, I shocked myself a few years ago when I felt sick on a teeny, tiny children's ride! Not sure when the whizz me round as fast as you can gene left me, not long after the children arrived I think! :) x

  4. Had to laugh at the blue sleepy baby story. Sorry.


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