Monday, September 23, 2013

Things to Like about School Holidays- Part 1

Finally we have crawled over the finish line to school holidays and it is good!

There are the obvious pleasures of not getting up an mustering a reluctant crew to various schools and activities before arriving at work at (ahem) 8 o'clock. 

I shall make a list over the holidays and see if it is as long as I imagine.

1. Sleep ins and wake up cuddles with small people. 

2. A cup of tea in bed still in pajamas and reading a book- my own book, not Olivia the Pig etc.

3. Finally delivering the contents of the back of the car to the op shop before it was discovered and reabsorbed into our house.

4. Going to the op shop at all!

5. Being rewarded with op shop kharma by finding this bored game (their spelling not mine) which is usually about $70 in toy shops and was one of our family favourites growing up. 

6. Finding Tupperware in the most delicious tomato red as well as a huge cake tin all bashed and dented and nannafied. I have been looking for one of these for the giant chocolate cake recipe.

7. Being able to act on the impulse stimulated by the Tupperware and giant tin and BAKE.
(Old cake tins are a bit like old knitting needles. You know they have transmitted a lot of love through the cakes they have moulded over their lives.)

8. Having time to make proper pizza dough because the oven was on and there is time enough for it to rise to big puffy doughy heights. 

9. NO LUNCHBOXES! Rejoice and be happy for there will be no line up of orders at 7 a.m. for two whole weeks!

 10. The discovery of a new appliance in the fruit bowl, made by idle hands for my viewing pleasure and entertainment it seems. 

11. A late addition to the list would be the arrival of a double ear infection and a fever/ vomitty bug. What holiday would be complete without them? The good part is that I can be here to look after them and wash the sheets, administer the drugs and pat fevered brows. At the risk of sounding all Munchausenesque- I like that. Juggling sick kiddos with work is not an easy gig. Being obliged to stay in and chill with the patients is really quite pleasant.


  1. Lots of great photos :) I'm now following.

  2. Hope they are all better soon! At least you managed to squeeze in some good stuff at the beginning! :) x

  3. That banana is hilarious! Hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  4. brilliant! Op shop finds and a graffiti banana!! Sickness not quite in the uk the kids have just gone back after the long holiday and 2 out of 3 of mine have been off school for a week with flu/ have my sympathies xxxx

  5. oh the bug has found its way here too.....endless crying and vomiting not exactly holiday material but hohum onward we go! at least our neighbour is a GP so no agonising trips to the clinic....I just holler over the fence!. Al x

  6. Oh god, that is hilariously true- mine hit the deck yesterday with some sort of virus, and all I can think is 'i'm so glad i'm getting paid annual leave for this and dont have to use up all my sick leave'. I thought it was just me that thought like that! (mine's only mildly sick, so can be left alone so I can sew)

  7. Healthy, happy holidaying kids here thankfully. One's nursing a dying piglet, one's been sent off on a lick-run and two are packing for a trip to Grandi's. Though I don't have to work away from home, I just love holidays, absolutely love them. Enjoy yours.


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