Monday, January 6, 2014

Word from the Y's

Sometimes the smallest people amongst us are the wisest. 
The youngest one here has been asking a lot of profound questions lately. 
She is going through the "Y" phase. 
She has also taken to collecting Y's. 
We have a whole vinaigrette of Y's in the living room now. 
They come from car parks, beaches, kindy…U name it.

There is always variety in the Ys. Once she found a whole family of Y's.

 Sometimes the Y's are quite tricky. This is known as a hairy Y.  

Lately she has been asking a lot of hairy Y's about me and my "bump" and where it has gone and how I will get a new one. Answering her Y's has been oddly comforting and calming. By making the answers simple and not scary, they become so for me too.

To be  honest I've been asking a lot of Y's myself. 
Y me?
Y now?
Y can't they give us the all clear?
Y am I going back for more?
Y am I so lucky?
Y are all  the appliances breaking down?
Y did B1 chip his front teeth sky larking after being told only last week that they are the best ones in the family? Why did he do it this week?

Y do children find all this so much easier to cope with and understand and respond to than adults?

 I have learnt to never dismiss a Y as irrelevant.  They are all different and all important.


she never lose

her Y's.


  1. Great post. Very thoughtful and thought provoking.

  2. I've come to the conclusion Y is a bit pointless, well asking it anyways! So I try not to ask, or even think it...there seem neither rhyme nor reason to these things. Saying that, I understand what you've wrote, completely! And I just love her family of Ys, yes it would be great to just accept things in very simple terms, like children do, naturally....don't we adults complicate stuff! Wishing you my dear a very Happy, Healthy 2014 :) xxx

  3. I hope all is well with you ... this post is a bit ponderous.

    I try not to worry about the things I can't change, otherwise I find I'm overwhelmed and stultified by the enormity of what may happen ... so I only worry about the little things (like dentist's bills!)

  4. Lovely post. My eldest collects Y's and makes them into slingshots if that's helpful?

  5. The small person is turning into a philosopher or starting her own Sesame Street.
    (The letter Y has been brought to by Yosemite Park)

  6. For all the Ys out there. Answered or lingering.

    Wishing you a satisfying 2014.

  7. ah, having just read your last few Y's, wouldn't that rip the fork out of your nightie. Wishing you well in the next stage to wellness, and may this go round bring you a fantastic new blanket to enjoy. xoxo

  8. Is it a Y, or is it a wishbone? I wish that the answers you get are exactly the ones you want to hear x


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