Sunday, August 10, 2014

Far Ma

Excuse the crop on the photo but we have a new farmers' market in our neck of the woods and it is GOOD!
I've been a little off farmers' markets since the last one I went to whilst heavily pregnant with number 4 and three toddlers under four trying to get on the pony while the big fella went to look at some tools.
I ended up perched on the curb holding them by their shirts in the dust. It has taken me years to recover. Sunday, a friend summoned me to the new local ones. The trick, it seems, is to go later when it is less busy and amazingly cheap.

So this year we are wagging the Ekka*. Once upon a time the school took the kids for us but those days are long gone. The youngest two offspring are Ekka-neglected. However, as far as Shorty Divine and her friend No-no go, they have been to something Ekka-ish and it's all good.

At the market there were farm animals- baby ones to cuddle and large fibreglass ones to climb.

There was fabulous food and a generally orange theme it seems. These tangellos were such a big hit they were deemed worthy of brain break for Prep. We bought a bag for $2.

There were rides and games to play...

We also went to the local shops to do free craft activities as I love anything free/ crafty and Shorty was desperate to show No-no the medallion making area. (Commonwealth games related)
The rides at this sideshow alley were $2.

Then all that fresh produce got the baking mojo fired up again. This double batch of cookies lasted till breakfast this morning. They can't eat while they sleep.

Ekka schmecka. Too hard basket with the fivesome this year. Maybe next time.

*Ekka- The Brisbane Exhibition or show. Big, loud, noisy, expensive and you always get sick afterwards but it is FUN!


  1. I'll have a couple of cookies please.
    If you intend to launch an assault on the Ekka next year, I'd start saving now.
    I am reliably informed that Angry Bird bags are $20.00!
    I'd get angry too.

    1. It would cost us a small fortune just to walk through the gate and all the big ones want to do is to go on ridiculous rides that cost up to $16 a go!!! Every year I say, "Next year..." and every year we manage to avoid it.

  2. Shorty Divine is growing up too fast! I can almost smell those biccies fresh from your oven...well I am not that far away from you (hills being the end part of my burb ha!). Must check out the farmers market in mention. Have been following it on fb and looks fab!




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