Sunday, August 3, 2014


Lately there has been a little flurry of making going on at my place of work. There has been nothing in particular but lots of small demonstrations for different classes which make work quite a soothing prospect on certain days. Meanwhile, at home there has been not much more than the making of huge piles of dirty laundry followed by piles of folding and making the occasional batch of biscuits or pancakes. There has been:

. the making of a small snug away from the busy parts of the house. This room has had several incarnations over the years but is now a playroom and snuggery.

 . the making of graffiti with the boys at school on their dedicated graffiti wall.

. the making of Warhol pictures.

. the making of prep paintings.

 (This is the fifth and last time I'll be doing one...I think...)

. the making a nuisance of herself with the chickens.

. the making themselves at home in the new digs.

 . the making of clay monsters for the little monsters.

. making a grand exit. Always a favourite! (let it go, let it go!....)

. Making an effort to pop out a blog post once in a while now there are a couple of tentative toes back on the wagon.


  1. Gosh you have been quite prolific with the old blog posts lately! My posts are so sporadic...must get that mojo back!
    Loving all the makings happening in your neck of the woods. That graffitti is pretty cool. Also Shorty is not so short anymore, is she? xx

  2. You're right, but somehow "Longy" doesn't have quite the same ring. In our house she is quite Lilliputian amongst all the Gullivers!
    How's it all going with you in the land of the blue door?

  3. Glad you're back blogging. I feel a resurgence. I really like that TweedleDum creature on the graffiti wall and the fab preppy painting. Does that dog of yours wish to rip those chickens to shreds?! Your house is a little bit like our house with its long corridor. I know how many people you fit into your house too, so that gives me hope we'll survive in this place without killing each other!xo

    1. She wants to pluck those babies feather by feather and has been caught trying with a quivering fowl beneath her silky paw. The racking and stacking of the childers is becoming less successful as we try to ramp up the study and the boys are downstairs unsupervised. They'll just have to write it off as a funny anecdote for their wedding like we did!

  4. I love the prep painting...and I'd love to know more about it? Did the kids draw the pictures and you transferred them onto the canvas? It's really cute.

    1. I started doing these when Lala was at kindy (seven years ago). I get the children to draw directly onto the canvas with a permanent marker so it really is their work. They specify colours for eyes, frocks, hair etc, then I paint it in. It would be lovely if they did it all but there is never enough time.

  5. I'm missing posts ... I need to adjust to your new posting frequency ... which I'm loving.

    Lola needs to meet Betsy, my friend's fearless chook, cat or dog she takes no prisoners ... no one messes with Betsy.

    1. We'll see if the frequency lasts!! As for Betsy, she's welcome any time!

  6. Heavens, how long has it been?
    I've just over-eaten on all of your lovely, chatty blogs.
    Love the yellow door on the right with glass inserts.
    Love the chooks. I hope they survive the munchy monster.
    Love all that is beachy, especially lighthouses.
    Open mouthed at stretchiness of the childer folk including no longer shorty.
    Hate the snake up the tree.
    Love the snug.
    What else? Well, the whole gamut really.

    1. It's so lovely to talk to you again, DMC! They are a stretchy bunch all of a sudden. They eat, they sleep, they argue, except for the wee one who just sings. Let it go...let it go...


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