Thursday, July 31, 2014

Five Random Things

1. The dog is slowly eating her  way through the house. She has eaten a chair, a family assortment of stuffed toys, a substantial section of the front door and I found her gnawing the corner of the building itself one day. She should have been named Pacman or Cujo or Fang. Stop eating us out of house and home, Dog!

2. What kind of front door would suit an old farmhouse of no particular style? Modern with glass slats seems all wrong although it would let in more light. A recycled older model maybe with a winding bell mechanism and round glass would be perfect but a lot of work to restore. A plain, solid, door from a door shop painted in a jolly, chi friendly shade of buttercup yellow might work. I must consult the dog as she has good taste in front doors.

3. Why is the hour before work such a maelstrom every morning. No matter how organised we are the night before, something will always go awry. They suddenly need $30 for an armband or can't find special undies or a sheet of music. Check with the dog, I say. Cough it up, Lola!

4. Somebody in this house is shaving something and it is not the big fella or myself. The safety razor was not where I left it leading me to believe it is either-
a. A tweeny twelvey having a go at the lily lolly legs before soccer tonight.
b. A man-child defluffing those sweet baby cheeks well before I am adjusted to the idea.
c. The dog has eaten it.

5. Tonight I sat in the car waiting for somebody to finish doing something somewhere and listened to a Mydoona song and contemplated the lyrics. I missed out on Mydoona back in the day. Probably busy listening to old musicals or Dad's Ella Fitzgerald records. So I never really got Mad-on-her but I like the "cherish" sentiment. Is this what happens when we get mummy-fied and show signs of liking anything that is twenty year old musack?

                      A family beach holiday or a cautionary tale of delusions brought on from eating bad seafood?

*These random thoughts are generally flitting through the brain whilst driving in a holding pattern around the burbs "picking off" childerbeasts. (Shorty's words not mine.) They have no usefulness or logic and no chillun were harmed in the making of them- much.


  1. Bahaha! The comment I love the most was the 'tweeny twelvey...with lily lolly legs'! Mine has already asked, and I've gotten a few friends to regale tales (very honestly too) of when you first 'borrow' mum's razor, the skinning of the leg near the ankle bone- usually down to the bone- will occur! She believed them, but not me though! naughty doggy!

  2. Awesomely funny post Annie!
    We had a dog who ate walls too.We put up with it until he also developed a taste for human flesh. Ours! Plaster, mortar, go for it! The skin of my "childerbeasts" - sorry Buddy (his name, sadly not his nature) but it's back to the pound from whence you came!
    I could tell you a tale of woe about doors (or write a blog post on 'em) but it's all in the past so why go there and bring up bad memories?! Yellow doors look lovely. We have a red door, but I wish I'd painted it yellow.
    I listen to the Easy Listening station on the radio. Read into that what you will ;)
    Glad you're writing your blog again x

    1. Early days on the blog writing but we are all having a little resurgence it seems. I missed you all! x
      We are hoping the dog grows out of it. She just turned one. She's as gentle as a lamb with the kids not so much the chooks.

  3. I say take the easy route, what with door eating dogs, and get the basic version from Bunny's (sorry BUNNINGS, the kids here call it bunnys. Long story) and slap that yellow all over.

    I refuse to think of girls needing to shave legs. lalalalalalalalalalalaa


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