Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Years ago when we first settled back down to real life after travelling for several years, I saw a photo in a local paper of one of David Bromley's paintings. He was selling them for around $400 and I really wanted to go and buy one. Unfortunately, at the time we were focussing on getting jobs and paying for things like a bed and food. Looking at what his work goes for now, I may have missed the small, wooden boat there.

His paintings were nostalgic, painterly reproductions from old children's books illustrations but what appealed most was their use of the lighthouse image. It's such a beautiful one. 
They remind me of childhood visits to the beach and books we had read about smugglers and caves. They are strong and tall and dependable and take care of you when you are most in need. Even when they are not needed they are there- like a loyal friend or good parent.

Other lighthouses crop up from time to time. This one was up on the wall at my brothers' house at the beach. Seems he likes them too. 

About a year ago, we were on holiday at the beach when I found an interesting ring in the local gift shop. It was made from an old souvenir spoon handle. Of course I got all, "I can just find one of those spoons and make it myself".
But I didn't. I looked a few times but, really, what were the odds. 

This year when we went to the same place, I asked the shop keeper if she had any more of those spoon rings from last year. She replied that they no longer stocked them but they had some others. So I had a look. There, amongst all the new resin and plastic and glass, was my lighthouse ring. The one I had snubbed a year ago. It was still there- waiting for me. 

So I had to buy it.  It is frequently on my finger to remind me to stand strong, to know that there will always be a light when it's a little stormy and that some things are just meant to be.


  1. Oooh, love that lighthouse ring and love striped lighthouses also!

  2. I'm a little bit worried about you dear Annie.
    Stand strong, and know that you are surrounded by those wishing to shine light your way.

    1. Okay, so I've just read your replies in the last post ... and am trusting that everything is OK!!
      Lovely to see you back here.

  3. Yeah, how cool is that ring, and easy to make (if you wanted too, or if you could find the right one you wanted!), a whole new use for a spoon!
    and I do love that symbolic lighthouse message, we can all take something out of that!
    Love to you. xo

  4. I've collected a couple of souvenir spoons in the last few weeks with plans of making them into rings too.
    Your lighthouse one is a beauty. It must have been meant to be that it became yours.

  5. Beautiful Annie. It was meant to be...Bromely for $400? If only you had known then what you know now!! xx

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  7. Love it, the ring and the sentiment. And may you sail calm seas henceforth.

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