Monday, March 25, 2013


In honour of all things twinnie, here are some twosies that have happened this week.

The little missus and I popped into Matt Blatt while Lala was twirling in a hoop at circus. The Child formerly known as Shorty informs us that this name is in inappropriate for a big kid in red group at kindy so henceforth she shall be known as the Divine Miss M. You all know she is Maya anyhoo. 
She chose this chair for her room. Is that princessy enough for you? At least it's a cheery yellow and not pink or purple. The jury is still out on the boar's head table.

Room furniture you want
 In fact she will have to settle for some rather charming felt animals from GOMA and a pink crocheted bowl which has a delightful tendency to glow in the morning sun. I just wanted to show you that because it is I think all gift shopping should be done in the Gomalicious shop especially if it's for me. It beats the pink aisle at Kmart which always makes me feel sightly giddy.

Room furniture you have.

Now you all remember this photo from last week of the Fishboy's room. Did I mention there is a cello and guitar in there as they don't fit next to the euphonium, two trombones and violin in the lounge?

Room sans giant instrument
 Now I invite you to see if you can find something different in these images. Compare and contrast if you will. Those music teachers have been on the Pimms again and are rolling around on the rehearsal room floor laughing. It does not fit in the Big Fella's car as it is for big fellas not big hollow instruments. The boy loves it but does not sleep with it as he does his football. Probably for the best.
Did anyone read that sign...anyone!

Room avec giant instrument

Meanwhile back at Matt Blatt, we saw these chairs. Yes, they were repro! Yes, they were lovely and yes, I wanted one in every colour. Like the bath towels I could allocate one to each family member and they would be responsible for chipping off their own hardened spag bog as a post dining parlour game.

Chairs I wanted

Instead I showed great restraint and bought these. They were display ones to entertain the kiddies of people who actually buy real chairs at Mat Blatt. The D.V. M. (remember the divine Miss M?) loved them and it was her birthday so we bought them reduced as they were a little shop soiled. They ended up in the bath anyway, then were covered in her permanent marker moniker so they were unsoiled then soiled again....the Circle of Life at our house.

Chairs I got

There has been a tiny bit of artistica going on here at work as there will never be time at home unless you count hanging the washing in colour coded spirals around the garden. I found some nice bits of wood and painted them black, then white, then red. Then I sanded them back. I don't know why either. It seemed to be the thing to do at the time. They have some contact stencils on them in Exhibit A. In Exhibit B you can see a couple of them getting worked into something.  Not sure yet. I'll let you know. Exhibit B also has the Michelin man on it as I am making some drawings for my boys' rooms of toys. The real twinnies got one each for their birthday/s.

exhibit A
exhibit B

Back later for more twinniness as it is the flavour of the month this week at our house. Stay tuned...


  1. I want those chairs too. all those colours.
    Looks like my type of place to shop.

  2. Not only did I read the sign I shamelessly copied it. I'm even attempting undauntedness (is that a word) cos chaos sure reigns here.

    Is now the time to tell you that I have a repro Eames chair (DSR, metal legs) on order for my new studio?

  3. I wish I could say that her fairy godmother would buy her that chair, to justify the fact she does not have a birthday present from me yet, but alas, i just visited the Matt Blatt site and it's a bit out of my price range today. I could do a picture of it though...

  4. Somebody commented just yesterday that they can't stand busy and messy (we were looking at a collage of photos). I held my tongue, but thought to myself, I know no other way.
    And henceforth we shall know her as the Divine Miss M ... divine indeed!

  5. Love all the twinniness avec la frencais.

    p.s. She'll always be Shorty to me.

  6. I'm almost swooning at the green Eames repro chair - been looking for them for ages.

  7. The plastic chairs suit Shorty as they are both divine.
    Not sure about that ultra yellow one she chose.
    But there's plenty of room on it for the Noah's etc.
    That's one big fiddle. Mr.Fish could live in it.

  8. LOL - Love the Double Bass (??) in your son's room!!!!! That's gold. Imagine waking up every morning and being greeted with that wise and intelligent looking instrument! Looks like it has real personality to me.
    I think your Divine Miss M has great taste in chairs! What a cool shop - one to get lost in for hours I'd imagine.

  9. Annie, this post had me in stitches as well as hurting my poor stitches in my belly. Your crochet bowl that glows! The giant instrument. I love the Eames chairs too and found that since I can never afford a whole set of anything, I justify purchasing a single 'feature' chair. So i have one of the Eames repro chairs. Great score on the small set and i love those felt animals - lucky Divine Miss M :-)

  10. Love the colourful chairs. The yellow throne is something else. Have you seen the kids' repro eames chairs at Target?


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