Friday, March 22, 2013

Bits off the Camera

There was a bit of moving and shaking around here over the holidays. Fishy moved out of Boysworld and into his own room. The chasm between 12 and 14 years of age was widening and he needed to get to sleep earlier and they needed study space. Mind you, he is studying more than them at the moment! He is now happily ensconced in what was Shorty's room. It will be a little smellier when visitors stay than Lala's room but  I'll Glen 20 the footy boots for them to make it tolerable- if I can find the Glen 20.

Meanwhile Shortstuff has adjusted to sleeping in a bunk under Lala and Lala likes the promotion to top bunk. 

The bigger problem has been the pile of stuff accumulated when two girls combine spaces. There has been much culling and storing. Fishy's room is positively monastic in comparison although it is starting to fill up. The girls paintings from Aunty Kath work well together now I finally have them up...

...with the other paraphernalia.

The screen prints were finished and presented as birthday gifts to mother of four, Anna in the 'Woomba and Mrs T. who has six of her own and looks after  Shorty on Tuesdays. She is hanging her blue one canvas aptly over her kitchen bench. Anna's pink one will go in her office. Also quite apt.

Now I have to make another one for the boys' room because I decided I liked it there when it was waiting to be picked up.

Fishy got one of the practice runs on black card which worked just as well as the canvas ones. Frankly, I could hang one in every room of this house right now. 

                              This is how I know the offspring have been on my phone.

And this.

This, on the other hand, means I've been back at the doctor's not tearing out pages.
We are past the lumpoversary. One year- all clear!


  1. Yay Annie, congrat's on your lumpoversary!
    I will buy one of your choas 'signs' if you decide to flog them x

  2. Congrat, Annie, on the lumpoversary! Love the photos.


  3. All clear, yay! I think I need one of those screen prints too.

  4. Hooray for one year anniversaries! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here, I know you will have helped and supported many women!
    I absolutely love that photo of your son! My girls take the funniest photos of themselves on their iPad, I love to flick through, it's hilarious! My advice would be just issue gas masks to all your sleepover guests, that is of course unless they are insomniacs, who will just thank you for a good nights knockout, sorry sleep! :) x

  5. Hooray Hooray Hooray! And my screenprint is keeping me calm up here on the hill. I LOVE it. Miss you though. Time is taking our babies. The smallest carseat was taken out today. xxx

  6. Hi there....I followed a link from someone's else's blog and I'm so glad I did...cause I've been laughing heartily! So refreshing. Think I'll be stopping by again. You brightened my evening with your wit! I think I take life a bit too seriously! Cheers, Michelle
    PS Congrats on your good news.

  7. Woo bloody hoo! What a great thing to celebrate!

  8. Nothing like a room swap to have a good old clean out and sort.
    Love your little screen prints. you should set up shop and sell them.

  9. What a year ! I salute you for your bloody marvellous determination to keep family, house, brain and blog all running with a sense of humour through the twelve months.

  10. A year, well fan bloody tastic..............thank you , thank you , thank you...for letting us share in 'that' year.........things are looking good and feeling good in your

  11. It's a good thing to rearrange the house from time to time. Did you throw away a lot ot junk?

    I'm glad that there are good news for you!

  12. I commented but it mustn't have come through.

    The doctor's surgery looks pretty groovy. Congrats on the annie-versary. I expect many more.

    Moving people around one's domestile is v. enjoyable. I also enjoy a purge.

  13. What a huge year.
    Give the girl a cigar! (not).
    Superbacious stuff.

  14. Love that print - it says it all and beautifully.
    Huge hugs for that one year lumpoversary. It's been a helluva year and you have been an real inspiration throughout. You and your team are amazing. And your house looks pretty good - some things just thrive on chaos. At least, that's my argument. Axxx

  15. Yippee again! Interesting those comments of interested buyers! Go for it girlie. Is that the doctor's office or an image from one of her magazines? Nice if it is her office.

  16. yay for one year! that is brilliant news! and I do love the 'chaos' prints, but not as much as I love the all clear. x

  17. Hooray for the all clear! We just put in an order for a bunk bed for the 4 and a half yr olds, so the mattresses will finally come off the floor. They are so looking forward to it.


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