Saturday, March 16, 2013


There has been much cause for celebration around here this week. Four years ago this little surprise appeared out of the universal ether. It may have seemed like I had a day off to spend it with her but her Tuesday carer was away and I was a bit of a wreck after Monday so it was meant to be.
There was supposed to be a party but one thing I've learnt after five is that it takes very little to make them truly happy at this age. Time alone with Mum is high on the agenda.
Anyhow she had several celebrations in her birthday frock from Aunty Kath.

Cake 1
Location: Playgroup
Cake type:  Choc fudge with freckles and 30 second flag.

We followed playgroup with a quick run to the shops to buy some birthday paper, sushi and Irish Princess crown from the dollar shop.

She got a ride on some wildlife. Amazingly this is the first time in months we have found a shopping centre ride that wasn't "broken"!

 There may have been a quick stop at the oppy on the way home. It's been weeks I tell you! Op shop kharma had accrued. The Universe threw me a bone.

She really does love it there as much as I do. Really! She is my BEST op shop buddy.

Somehow I walked away from this immaculate 1975 setting with original spotless white leather and teak chairs and extendable table. $100!!! Somebody got a bargain!

 Cake 2
Location: Home
Type: Other half of choc fudge cake with strawberry crushed into whipped cream on top.
She was so happy that her Irish Princess crown fell off, a tendency which proved to be a problem later when she was having a quiet moment on her Irish Princess throne and the crown fell in. One of those pleasant motherhood jobbies.

Happy Days. There were another thirty pink sprinkly cupcakes for kindergarten next day and she did wear her crown there too. I refrained from telling them where it had been. There may be hygiene rules about crowns de toilette.

 The Universe threw us a very big bone with this one. Thanks, lovely Maya for joining us four years ago and making every day a delight. You made joy since the day you were  born. 

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Maya, looks like a happy day all around! We too were blessed with our own little ray of sunshine at a particularly black cloud moment, aren't we lucky to have someone so special in our lives! :) x

  2. Thank you for inviting us to Shorty's big 4 day.

  3. I feel a bit teary. They grow up too fast. Best wished to your op shop buddy. xx

  4. Lovely to hear from you, I was beginning to feel a little concerned.
    What a wonderful little girl that one is ... and isn't it lovely having enough kids in the family that you don't have to invite anyone else to make it still feel like a party full of kids!
    Hope is all well with you.

  5. Happy birthday to your big little girl! Looks like she had a great day and so happy for you that a party was not on the agenda- having just come off the back of the second one in a few short months, they are exhausting. With my kids there is no chance to get out of it as the party planning starts 364 days in advance. Love your pyrex pattern, it is pure joy. mel x

  6. Hey Annie, how are YOU?
    It's very kind of the universe to throw you such a lovely 'bone'
    A gorgeous little girl AND an op-shop best buddy to boot!
    I'm glad she had a happy birthday and that you guys are busy having fun.
    Seeing it's St Pat's day, my Dad was Irish, and your birthday girl is wearing an Irish Princess crown (!) I think it's okay for me to wish you "all the luck of the Irish!" x

  7. Thanks for spreading this little slip of joy around.

  8. All that cake. Happy Birthday to your big 4 year old.

  9. Oh happy days indeed - I too was thinking I hadn't heard from you in a while....Happy Birthday beautiful Maya!!!! Glad she had such a great day. Yes, our shopping rides always seem to be "broken" here too unless I'm feeling particularly generous :-) Mel x

  10. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous little one. She looks to have a had a great day - her happiness spreads across the web. Bet most real princesses drop their crowns in the loo too - can't be helped really. Lovely to hear from you. Axxx

  11. Happy Birthday Little Miss Four!

  12. Happy Birthday Shorty! When I think of four-year-olds, I think of little 'big' kids. She'll be such a bundle of personality and individuality. Four. Incredible. Who hasn't dropped something in the toilet?!

  13. beautiful happy girl! and she loves the op shop?? she's a keeper!
    love to all,

  14. Happy birthday, shorty! What a fun couple of days. She looks very pleased with her birthday celebrations.


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