Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Cycle of Life and Flying Fish

 Hello lovelies. It has been far too long. Some of you expressed a little concern in e-mails so I thought I should fill you in. There have been no health issues but I have found myself to be  considerably slowed down by the  Cycle of Life. Particularly the econo quick wash cycle.

Cycle 1: No matter what life brings, the laundry still dictates whether or not I feel in control of my life. I have been lax (lux?) with the laundry talismans and must throw some suds their way to keep them on top of things.

Unfortunately, a cranky Glaswegian Energex man came to switch over our washing machine to solar today and onto some sort of low tarriff savings device. This signals an end to spontaneous washing every time the machine is full. (Hourly it seems.) Who knew there were so many jerseys in a rugby team! As for the cycle of life- it is clearer than ever that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in more than one aspect of life.

Cycle 2: Rain!  Finally the summer months have relented and it has been rainy and cold at last! How I love a bit of dreak weather. It's only two days till the shortest day of the year!

Cycle 3: Lots of people seem to be growing older very quickly this year, in their teens, seventies and preschool years. The signs are becoming more evident in their limbs. Some are longer, some are stiffer and some are ever more adventurous and skippidy doo dah.

Other limbs have started to behave quite differently as is demonstrated by the appearance of "the Flying Fish".

Cycle 4: The duck is back in the pool. Is it the same duck as every winter or a new duck or do the ducks now have a family tradition sending offspring on an annual pilgrimage?

Cycle 5: The girls are baking swirly cookies again just to keep them busy and warm up the house. There has been little baking this year as there is just no time.


  After work on Monday I made pumpkin soup, a roast dinner and chocolate brownies and ice cream. It may as well have been a tin of beans, the speed at which it was consumed.
Last night we had leftovers.

Cycle 6: With the dodgy weather there has been game playing of the nostalgic  kind. My family loved board games growing up and now Lala has the bug. She has roped in some regular girlfriends and they always thrash me. I blame my drugs but that game should be renamed Clueless. Annie in the dining room with no idea at all.

 Other old games have returned with Shorty Divine finding some goodies stashed in the boys' room to recycle. Her favourites are, not surprisingly, the people.

Cycle 7: Some of the classic books have turned up that the offspring have been given and I realized upon starting the Jungle Book that I had not read all of the stories in it. Anne of Green Gables is next on the list and then A Gazillion Leagues Under the Sea.

Cycle 8: The crochet hooks are out again because it is Winter and I bite my nails if I don't hook. Anyway the three boychilds still need handmade blankets and I have an idea that it may take me a while and I have to stay well while I finish them. Following this logic they will take years to finish keeping me fit and well!

 Cycle 9: Under the pretext of getting Lala sports shoes, I got my annual Converse sneakers. They are always my winter foot wear of choice as it is still too warm for boots here. I need a job like this one where I am permitted to wear the Con daily.

 Cycle 10: When the students make art at school, samples are needed so I've been making things I haven't made for years. All the old skills from over a decade ago are bubbling up to the surface for a rusty run through.

If they don't all blow up I'll show you the results. They've been making pots based on the Hermannsburg Potters of Outback Australia.

There is apparently a very good display of them at GOMA in the new Indigenous Exhibition. That will fill at least one day of the holidays nicely. Hopefully I'll see some of you there. I won't be the one wearing a beanie!


  1. Oh Annie I was only just thinking of you this morning and hoping all was well.
    Life sure id busy for you and the gang.
    Lovely photos of what you've all been up to. x

  2. Happy to see this post Annie. So glad all is well. I have been thinking about you lately and was planning on dropping you a concern e-mail myself (when I got my act together!) x

  3. Hey, so great to read all is good in your life. The laundry is the bane of my happy life. I wish it could hang itself out and fold itself away. And yes, GOMA is on our list of things to do this holiday too. xx

  4. Glad all is well! You hit the nail on the head with the laundry, how we'll things are going is directly linked with the laundry basket and ironing pile! Funny that! :) x

  5. Annie, so great to get your update tonight. I've really missed your Posts! I keep forgetting you are working now - you mist be so incredibly busy. I don't know how you do it. I can't keep on top of the laundry and I'm here all day. Those pots are terrific and I love your blanket logic :-) Have a great weekend! Mel x

  6. Always wonderful to hear from you Annie. You have been missed and concern felt.
    That Shortie's going to need a name change soon I fear.
    Enjoy your holidays dear lady.

  7. I was on the cusp, the very verge, of joining those voicing their concern ... so glad you're well and only the cycle-y busy stuff is keeping you away.

    My lot have started leaving home (I don't think it was something I said) and suddenly, for the first time in forever, the laundry feels manageable.

  8. I've been emailing you (in my head) wondering what was up. Speaking of cycling, my washing machine broke down two days ago after only eight years and was deemed to be "toast". What kind of cycle is that???

  9. So happy to see all is well with you and yours.
    Hope you get to relax and bliss out on the holidays,kids will play on the beach for many hours whether it is cold or not, so beach time is good to consider and it is always warmer on the Sunshine coast.
    Stress and exhaustion are not good for the immune system.....go play :)

  10. Like Deb, I've been emailing you in my head too ... instead of emailing, I just get home from work and crash in front of trash tv.

    Glad you're okay. Can't you wear Converse at work? I'm managing it, so long as I stay at my desk! Really.

    Can't wait to see some pottery action from you. I would give my right arm to play with some clay and toss it in the general direction of a kiln. Lucky you!! I hope they're keeping you next year so you can keep up the necessary creativity.

    PS Bloody washing.

  11. My relationship with the top loader in bygone days was close and intense.
    A trial separation was not on the cards.
    I even made a DIY will stating that I wished to be interred in the Whirlpool so death would not separate us.
    Please tell the Divine One to stop growing.

  12. Or course, there are parts on earth where winter starts. I still hope summer isn't over here before it has begun! ;-) Rainy day and cool. Warm socks and blankets are needed. Have a nice week. I'm glad to hear the family and you are okay! Regula

  13. Lovely to hear from you. Glad things are going well, even if busy. Love the clay!

  14. What busy lives we all lead. Always great and wonderful to hear from you again! :-)

  15. Good to hear from you again. I'm glad all is well, albeit busy.


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