Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bundt Bundt Bundt...

The baking mojo is officially on its last spindly legs around here. Along with the retail shopping mojo and the book reading mojo which has also ceased after a brief flurry of speed reads.
The feathered girls have lost their mojo too so for the first time in about four years I had to BUY eggs!!!
We reprised the Silent Mandarin Cake as I was thinking of its patron, Mrs Bartlett of the Woomba Bartletts. It is one of life's little mysteries along with the lost socks, how you run out of everything when you bake for the first time in a while.

Brismod had reminded me recently of the presence of the SwiftWhip in my second drawer. This was one of my first ever oppy finds from way before Life as We Know It. Swifty had not met Shorty Divine yet so she introduced herself by attempting to whip something that was the consistency of heavy plaster.

After a rummage in the big high Cupboards of Infrequent Usage, the bundt tins were rescued from obscurity. I just like how they look and enjoy using the word "bundt." Bundt, bundt, bundt...such a satisfying little word.

 After they had (over)cooked, I wrote up the shopping list on the laundry door. The 'spray cook' was to ensure proper release of the bundt from the bundt tin next time. One of them had resisted and it ended badly for the bundt. Note also the inclusion of jelly and custard for trifle so I could recycle it as a trifle.

That blackboard laundry door was one of the "Daddy is away so I will make a surprise" (DIASIWMAS) projects that he is so wary of. It is handy for shopping lists to be photographed on the i-phone and taken to the grocer. That circular thing is Year 9 science revision on the earth's crust not the explosive nature of a rapidly rising bundt. There is also part of the list of Diasiwmas which will not happen while he is away this time. Another nice word, it sounds a little like a colourful Hindi celebration. As in: She wore her most beautiful sari to the Diasiwmas party and took a bundt for the hostess.

Other uses for the blackboard include being able to trace around oneself as needed. I would have modelled myself but was deterred by the increasing size of my own bundt over the holidays.

Meanwhile, when the gaggle of animated fourteen year old boys rolled in on Sunday I was able to drizzle some mandarin icing over the better bundt and let them eat cake! They eat so fast they don't taste much it seems.

Ah yes. There is the stripped and resanded kitchen bench top from the last Diasiwmas and some op shoppin' teasers for next time.

P.S. Sorry to have not visited for a while but when I can find a spare minute there is no computer access due to the line up at our place for cyber time.
Hope to catch up soon. X


  1. That swift whip doesn't do plaster well, so I found with a brown sugar and softened butter concoction we used it for. I'm kind of with you re lost mojo...I hope I find him again. The blackboard is a winner. xx

    1. Highly recommend the blackboard door. We are doing the respiratory system on there next. I'm hoping they absorb by osmosis.

  2. However infrequently, it's lovely to catch up with you.

    Bundt ... it is a rather satisfying word. Alas, my sole bundt tin is lost I know not where. I've looked for it twice since failing to find it at Christmas but to no avail. Perhaps it is off in search of a mate, given that in your part of the world they clearly come in twos!

  3. I love that door, I once removed a fireplace whilst Mr Bea nipped to the shop to buy a loaf! I had to work quick,but I was much younger and stronger then! He was a little surprised, I think the plume of soot as he walked up to the front door was a give away though! :) x

  4. How uncanny dear Annie ... we made a sticky caramel bundt cake this week ... all we were lacking was a bundt tin. Fortunately ignorance truly is bliss, and our ring cake tin worked a treat.
    Lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  5. Oh you're so funny! I love how you give everything official names.

  6. I wonder what happened to my bundt tin? I didn't know it was called a bundt. It probably got fed up with being incorrectly addressed and made off to a more educated household

  7. Gee I miss your Posts! I am completely ignorant on Bundts although I recognise the tin. I see them in the Oppy's all the time and I would call it "the cake tin with a hole in the middle" and I would only think to get just one half not realising you are meant to put the two together - you learn something every day! Love your blackboard door :-) Hope to catch up soon too. I can only imagine how busy things are with teenagers in the house.....the cooking alone! Take care, Mel x

  8. I contemplated the silent mandarin cake the other day. I haven't made it for a long time and it's so delicious. Good to see the odd post from you. Isn't maple syrup expensive?! It's hard to find time to bake when one's at work during the day. I'd imagine the only thing you really want to do when coming home is have a good sleep!

  9. Oh I miss your posts too, but I can just imagine the long computer queue.
    the good old SwiftWhip sure gives the arm muscles a workout. thank goodness for my Kitchenaid.


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