Friday, July 19, 2013

Hey there! Hoopla....

The circus is in town!

Have you seen the elephant?  Have you seen the clown?

Maybe not so much elephants as water buffalo, llama and camels! It seems domesticated animals are the new beasties of the circus world and just as thrilling and much happier to hang with humans.

 I remember going to the same circus as this when I was ten in a football field in the country town where I grew up. I remember laughing till I hurt at the clown's bottom related jokes. Seems nothing has changed. The Shorter one is still shaking her head and chuckling at the clown bottom jokes last week. It never gets old.

I may have been just a little more excited than the girls. In fact I may have cried at the beginning when the circussy music started and the ringmaster came out in all the dazzling lights. We had driven past a week earlier and made the usual, "Maybe later" response. Then it dawned on me that this might be the one chance I ever get to take the goils to a circus. Seize the day and all that. I'm doing a lot more of it lately.

Throw money at the clown or pirate for a sparkly toy and acrobatic hopping about. I stopped saying "No" for a couple of hours and just went along for the ride.

It's worth it sometimes to just make the memories for them and for me.

 Note to self: Never ask your child to smile like the clowns...

 or to make fashion choices too close to circus exposure! I call this one, "Degas at the Disco"!

There is no way to segway this picture to the circus but Shorty Divine brought these up from the coop this morning with her little mate who is visiting. It reminds me of us. Six bigguns and a short one. 
Does this mean one of our domesticated animals has hit "the change"?


  1. Good on you for seizing the moment Annie.
    such fun for you and your beautiful girls. x

  2. I agree, you have to pick your fights and sometimes say, 'What the heck. Let's go to the damn circus'.

    Last time I went to a circus was at Port Douglas when I was a journalist. From memory, poodles played a large role. Long gone are the days when the ring master put his head in a lion's mouth.

    Bum jokes. Do jokes get any better?!

  3. Agree, I whinged and moaned about the Kids wanting to go to the circus last Christmas but we went and they loved it and I did too - actually there really is something to be said about traditional live entertainment.

    No idea what's going on with that egg, how strange. Maybe her heart just wasn't in it that day :-)

    Mel x

  4. You are so right to seize the day - I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much - as you say, these are memories for the future. Axxx

  5. Always lovely to catch up Annie. Though we don't listen to a lot of Pink in these parts, I love her song "these are the good old days", she makes a very valid point.
    Seize the day indeed.

  6. Sometimes it's so thrilling to say yes instead of the constant no I feel I'm forever saying. I love those days!

  7. Good decision to run with the circus.
    Lala has found her niche I think.
    Short Person enjoys life, full stop.
    She lives within a bubble of joy.
    One of the red girls is working her way back to fecundity.

  8. I never took my goils or my boys to the circus ... you have me wishing I had now!


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