Monday, July 22, 2013

Park It!

After Lala's soccer match we spent Saturday mooching in one of my favorite Brisbania parks- Newfarm Park. 

 We've been taking the wee-uns there since there were only two wee, wee-uns. It has become even groovier over the years with the wonderful Powerhouse complex and cafe and river.

They always have to climb those gloriously spooky and fantastical trees and hide in the roots where fairies live, I'm told.

Last time I was at this bar/ cafe it was with some girlfriends and a few  mojitos. This time it was for a shot of coffee and some chippies for the goils. Lala was allowed to view and not purchase what I regard as the emperor's new clothes of bakery- the much over hyped maccaroon. 

This little curly number was much more appealing. We'll be trying those next week end aas they are far and away more spectaculous than the "mac".
That good ol' Brisbane River is always salve for the soul I find. It may be brown and muddy but it is magnificent in its own steady way.
There were photos to be taken around the crusty walls of the Powerhouse.The girls were mimicking a wedding that was being photographed. Is it just me or are all the weddding photos from the naughties going to look like feature pages from Frankie magazine with the boys wearing wool berets and old man waistcoats and short trousers a la Jerry Louis. The deadpan scowling at the camera does not bode well for years of marital joy ahead.
Nevertheless we were impressed with the brickwork and the old graffiti....
and found ourselves moved to a philosophical mood.

There was a considered conversation about how we are all the same even though some people have plaits and some have pom poms. Four year old philosophers can really nail it some times.

Then we went home and got a dog!

Yes Michael. A dog...


  1. And what a rip-snorter black and white dog it is!

    1. She was quite the surprise for ALL of us!

  2. You bought a dog!
    Crazy and sane all at once.

    1. Possibly leaning more toward the crazy at the moment!

  3. What Fiona said! And, more pics required please :)

    1. Coming up soon on one of these rather infrequent posts. Thanks for hanging in there friends.

  4. Cute dog! Newfarm park looks like great fun for all. My kids would love the climbing trees. We were considering doing a family trip to Brisbane to accompany the conferencing one but decided against it (the recent road trip has scarred me). Next time, maybe. I've been wanting visit GOMA, too, after reading about it here

    1. I'm going back next week end when James Morrison plays in the Powerhouse free with his gifted school student apprentices.
      The trees are so very lovely. I must take a drawing book next time.

  5. Yay for the cute dog. What's his name?
    As a small child I was taken to New Farm park.
    A band played in the wooden gazebo.
    During the war, it was filled with US soldiers and Brisbane girl friends.
    But the gardens were fabulous.
    Lots of shady trees and rose bushes in bloom.

    1. It was raining last Sunday and there was a party in the gazebo. It looked very jolly.
      There must be some lovely memories in that old wooden building!

  6. Was really enjoying this park post and not in the least prepared for the dog! Looks a bit border collie-ish to me...enough to give me a sudden stab of jealousy! I'm sure she (Michael?) will be really happy with you all. Hope you are with her too!! Axxx

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