Friday, July 26, 2013


We have a little dog named LOLA. 

She is small and very funny.

The wee-uns were all kinds of happy-

- mainly incredulous happy.

I made her a crocheted blanket...

and a yet to be fired black and white bowl.

It is not every day you get a text from the husband saying, "I have changed to a female!" 

It was my only stipulation as the balance of power is now four all between the genders in our house.

I think the farmhouse is happy to have a dog in it again after many years without. 
This should be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


  1. Oh! You lucky things!! She's so cute! And a more-loved dog by so many I can't imagine!? What funny things does she do? Any mishaps? How is she with the chickens? So many questions ...

    1. So far she mainly excretes but she is a very fast learner. She is not interested in the chickens but they stay well away just in case. She falls over her own feet when she tries to scamper and has a trvery smug trot reserved for when she takes down a zhu zhu pet on the Serenghetti/ rug.

  2. now that is one very happy and well loved little collie dog....hopefully one without the herding instinct (some are just without, ask Fiona!)otherwise the chookies will be wise to stay out of her way! (although in my experience collies do prefer to round up over eating!)

    Do hope she's not doing too much piddling on the carpet!

  3. Oh, beautiful! My children have been begging for a dog for years! When we get out of this rental house it's the first thing I'll do! Looks like she'll fit in just perfectly! Nice Charlie & Lola reference btw. ;)

  4. Oh she is very very very cute. Almost as cute as the expressions of absolute joy on all your kidlets faces. mel x

  5. Great name, but a confirmed Kinks fan would say that. Wishing you and Lola many happy years together.

  6. She's adorable. I'm confident she'll provide a great deal of entertainment.

  7. At long last you have a puppy in your midst.
    Happy children,
    Sh looks like a border collie,
    They need plenty of exercise but I don;t see that as a problem at your place.

    1. Apart from the hired help, I really need to get out and do some exercise after last year. It's supposed to give me a better prognosis but I just want to shift the drift too. Lola could be my new personal trainer.

  8. Oh Lola - she is the cutest thing ever! Bet the Kids (and you) LOVE her to bits! xPS My boy has that space doona cover too :-)

  9. She's gorgeous! Female dogs don't piddle over everything either. ;)


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