Friday, July 12, 2013

Why the bundt?

My mother made ring cakes. She still has the same golden aluminium ring tin that she has had since she was married. That tin is a staple memory of my childhood. 
It is quite common to know such a cake as a ring cake.

Since I saw this movie though, I have always gleaned great pleasure from the word, "bundt". 
Watch it and see if it doesn't make you feel the same way. 
Are you are bundt or a ring cake person?


  1. I love that movie....and I love me a 'ring' cake, although I always make a marble cake in ours,so the tin in our home is called, the 'marble cake tin'...hhmmm I feel like cake..............

  2. Bundt cakes were seemingly all the rage when I was a kid. It seems like every week there'd be some new variation with pudding, jello or marbling on the inside. On the outside, though, I believe it was always the same sugary glaze.

  3. We enjoyed Sticky Caramel Bundt Cake just this last week Annie ... The kids rejoiced in a new word. I feel a twit, but thought bundt must have been some special cake concoction, not merely the shape. I make ring cakes every week, easy for kids to cut and they never sink in the middle!

  4. ha! I am not a baker but it looks delish. ring, budnt, what have you...yum.

  5. my mom used to make a lemon cake in those pans, so pretty and delich..memories..


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