Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Endings and Beginnings

2013 saw some final events for us that were big moments in small people's lives.

There was the last kindy concert- the real last one this time!
I may have shed a tear. 

There was the last day at kindy with friends that will go to different places. 
I loved that kindy for a good eleven years. This time I did not joke about having another baby so I could stay on. I have learnt that lesson.

It was the last swimming carnival in a small co-ed school for the long pale streak.
He finally cracked an age award. There may have been another tear.

We attended another graduation. Last time we went in 2011, our family was bubbling happily along. I'm so glad nobody graduated last year. This year it was all happy again and yet  more wetness in the eye-ish area. We did have to tolerate scoundrel Newman, the local pollie, flogging his dead horse for a while but the children's speeches made up for it. He should employ some of them for his speech writing.

There was the last strings concert in a little ensemble with a big instrument. I may need to bribe him to continue. 
Did I mention the youngest has voiced a desire to play the tiny triangle?  We are pleased. Yes there were tears again.

  There is a lot of newness ahead for our little mob next year and hopefully only happy tears again all the way through!

  Be happy tonight, be it noisy or peaceful and relish all the newness of the year ahead.
Happy New 'Ear, to the lot of you !!!


  1. Annie, I have loved following your adventures through the year. Wishing you and the brood all the very best for 2014. Lots of love, Zara. x

  2. Yep! Big year coming up - all of ours will be at school! Imagine that! It's happening too fast Annie. Xxx


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