Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baked Blue Tongue and Banana Bread

He is almost as endearing as a household pet but edible! The boys are going on Boot Camp tomorrow so I thought I'd carb them up with a bit of bush tucker before they left- a Lizardy Last Supper if you will.
The oven has been off through the last few hot weeks but ripe bananas call for banana bread to be baked.
I throw some LSA and walnuts in mine to fill those skinny little swimmers when they get home from school.
It makes the house smell goooood.
Mum always said to bake at least two things if the oven was on so I decided on the baked blue tongue to pique their interest. The recipe is my own spin on a Real Living one (they did a snake) that uses Pork mince. I just use beef mince, grated carrot, chopped onion and celery, eggs, lots of fresh thyme from the garden and salt and pepper. Fry off the veges, mix it all together by hand..
then stuff your lizard. It's just that bought puff pastry sprinkled with sesame seeds. Mine don't like poppy seeds so it's an albino lizard. The stuffed legs are necessary, like little sausage rolls. The tongue is food colouring on pastry. Seriously simple! He looks all soft and newly hatched here.
After baking for 40 minutes or so he was a bit more scaly and reptilian.
mmmmmm! Smell that lizard!
Would you like one leg or two? The lizard drumsticks amuse me entirely. They just make me laugh!
I recommend making several tongues if you have multiple offspring. Due to an unfortunate incident over the custody of the actual blue tongue, one diner took her meal in her room. She found her supper waiting for her and it was still hot.


  1. Have I said this before? ... Your creativity knows no bounds.
    Could have predicted the fall-out from who gets the tongue!

  2. If there's not a fight over one thing there'll be a fight over who gets the blue tongue. I love your lizard! He's so cool. Would be a bit nervous eating it, just because.

    What's LSA? A bit like LSD but for kids?

  3. Thanks Annie, I will be trying my hand at this one. Will leave out the tongue and fashion it on all the geckos that live here, can't handle arguments. Do your children know how lucky they are to have such a fun mum?

  4. Yes I could imagine there would be a bit of arguing about who got the blue tongue. Such a great idea though. x

  5. Fiona: I really didn't think anyone would want a dye soaked scrap of overcooked pastry. There's no accounting for tastes.

    MMMC: I think it is linseed, soy and almond crushed up together.. It's meant to be good for women's health for one of those obscure reasons. You can get int anywhere now. I just like it because it gives certain baked goods a bit more grunt.

    Julie: Just make a mutant two tongue, blue tongue. I tell you the tongue is apparently a delicacy!

  6. I LOVE it! I am definitely going to do this! I was going to make mince in pastry tonight anyway, but now it will be extra fun! We even have a real live blue tongue living in our shed at the moment. We like to call it our pet even though it came there all by itself and we don't feed it. It's been there for at least 4 months and comes out often on hot days.

  7. Emma: Just make it clear that it is not YOUR blue tongue. Shorty was a little hesitant until we assured her we were just pretending. Remember- multiple tongues!

  8. Certainly, you are the highest achieving mum I "know".
    The lizard is a triumph.
    Maybe you could do one shaped like a boot that they could bring with them.
    What is "boot camp"?

  9. First what is LSA, is it legal? Secondly, do not serve that lizard to MMMC.

  10. DMC: I think it is the very hard first part of training in the army to weed out the weaklings! This is really meant to be a year 8 camp but they will be in tents, hiking and climbing cliffs and (gasp) cooking their own food!

    Deb: As legal as anything else in the health food aisle. I nearly put a warning at the top for MMMC!

  11. Your blue tongue lizard is awesome. I'll definitely have to try it out on my kids. I think i will give the blue tongue a miss but I might give it a few extra legs to reduce the chance of bickering (besides, I want a couple of lizard legs for dinner, too).

  12. You are a domestic goddess! Poh and Nigella just move on over. Those little crispy legs..mmmmm melx

  13. We did it! No, to clarify, not the real blue tongue! I made three tongues as suggested and they LOVED it! Thanks so much for the inspiration! I might even have to post the photos on my blog so that you can see.

  14. Emma: Ha! Maybe we should start a lizard linky! I'm chuffed. Look forward to seeing it!

  15. Sorry Annie, but I find this blue tongue lizard (thingy) more than just a little bit disturbing. B


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