Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicken Whispering

Our Kindy has been very special to us for many years now. Shorty has taken to it like a duck to a small caged area on a soccer field. Today we dropped in for one of their annual events. 

The calf was overly interested in Shorty's skirt. 
                            Note to self: Never wear floral fabrics near hungry cow type critters.
                          The piglet was the star attraction. Who knew they wore sun screen?

            Then we got down with the chicks. Shorty seems to have an affinity with the fowl. This one fell   asleep in her sticky little hand and she proceeded to put it into a bit of a chicken trance, as you do.

                                                                                                                                                                                       I assure you, no chicks were harmed in the making of this photo essay. This one was just in its happy place.
                            Shorty was less convinced of the need for other chicken acts but I'm thinking she could busk in the mall for spare change.
                                                     I just need to recruit a few more kids.


  1. Shorty is just looking too cute!!! Love the one where she just about squeezed the little birdie to death... ;-)

  2. I've heard people hynotising chooks. There must be money in it. If she starts busking, you could tell jokes in a jester beanie. I'd chuck you a few red lobsters.

  3. How cute. All those sweet little farm animals. I bet they were tuckered out by the end. x

  4. I'm glad you assured me that the chicken was in fact just asleep.... Your chicken wrangler is gorgeous.

  5. What shorty wears chicken fascinators and pigs wear sunscreens! Too funny.

  6. Cute! Those chicks must be tougher than they look. Recently our kinder had a duck hatching outfit visiting for a few weeks. I took my eye off the ball for a second and turned around to see a small child try to lift one out of the cage by the head. Yikes. Still good (promise)

  7. I do love to see young'uns getting down and dirty with the farm animals. Well done Shorty.

  8. What an amiable little soul that dear little chick is....."so I'll just lie here looking like I am blissfully happy whilst you squeeze me to death. You said trick.....ok, I'll sit on your head"

  9. I do love Shorty. What a way she has with the chicks!

  10. Shorty looks like a natural with small animals.
    Yes, it's many a chook I mesmerised as a child.


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